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Campus Celebrity: Steve

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Steve Trask! You may recognize him if you’re a fan of baseball, music, or brunch at the Family Dog!
Basic Facts
Hometown: Saco, Maine
Major: Finance
Career Goals: To open a successful wealth management company
Campus Involvement: University of Maine Baseball team
Post-graduation plans: Move to Nashville to play music
Favorite thing about UMaine: Ohop
Favorite thing to do in Orono: Lifting at the rec center
Aroma Joes, Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks? Starbucks
Best UMaine memory: Playing on the baseball team
Advice for future Black Bears: It all goes by too fast!
Fun Fact: my favorite tv show is currently Californication
How long have you been playing music for?
I started late and just played sports growing up. Then my junior year, my roommate Garrett played guitar and I would just sing along for fun. Next thing I knew, every time we would have a party, people would ask for us to play. He transferred for baseball to another school and shortly after, I started to get serious and decided to pick up the guitar. So I’d say singing for 2 years and guitar for a year and a half.
Where can people go to listen to you play?
I’d say the most formal place I play is Family Dog every Sunday 10-1 except on November 22nd
How did you set up that gig?
When I gigged at the end of my junior year, I made a few connections, and one of those was with Bob Cutler of the Family Dog.
What’s your favorite music to listen to?
I love all kinds of music, but if I had to choose a few I’d have to say I like people who are singer-songwriters. A few of my favorites would be John Mayer, Keith Urban and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
Hannah began her involvement with Her Campus as a contributing writer for the UMaine chapter after transferring from Seton Hall University in 2013. Currently, she is the HC UMaine Campus Correspondent and a Chapter Advisor. She is also a staff writer at the University of Maine's student newspaper, The Maine Campus. As a fourth year Journalism student with an English minor, Hannah enjoys writing everything from hard news stories to GIF-filled listicles. In addition to her involvement with Her Campus, Hannah coaches a junior varsity high school cheerleading team. In her spare time, you can find Hannah sharing hair tips on her personal blog, obsessing over Justin Bieber and re-watching episodes of Gossip Girl. 
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