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Campus Celebrity: Gozaik

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.


Is senioritis finally affecting all aspects of your life, including your looming job search? A typical procrastination method, such as aimlessly sitting on Twitter, has just become productive.

Gozaik, a new social job application, just launched recently and is taking the career world by storm. It is specifically targeted towards aiding recent graduates or budding young professionals in their job search – Hey, that’s us!

What it does is uses Twitter as a showcasing platform for job seekers and companies alike. Users can upload their resume and form multi-media mosaic tiles displaying their strengths, accomplishments, and experience. Just like other job-hosting sites, you can upload and save your resume to make applying a breeze. For the especially tech-savvy or business-minded, this seems like the place to go to find jobs in your industry and showcase your talents far better than any dull, 8 by 11 resume. 

Companies then list their job, use handy-dandy handles (aka hash tags ‘#’) and Gozaik will validate them, making sure companies get only the best of the best candidates who fit their requirements. 

The application is in their initial launch, but fully accessible to the public. Gozaik will be rolling out weekly enhancements every Thursday and a mobile app for on the go searching.

They say in today’s economy, recent grads have to apply to a hundred jobs just to get a couple interviews. Make this process a breeze and find relevant jobs using Gozaik!

Olivia is a senior pursuing a Marketing degree at the University of Maine at Orono. Besides being a co-branch correspondent for the Her Campus UMaine Branch, she is the business manager for the University of Maine student newspaper, The Maine Campus. One of her many interests is fashion and writes as a contributing fashion writer for Her Campus UMaine. Olivia hopes to land a career in the industry after graduation.