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The Best Parts of Halloween for a College Student

As a UMaine student, our favorite weekend has finally come! Sure, Homecoming was everything we could’ve asked for, but you really can’t beat dressing up in a costume and having an excuse to go out every single night of the week! Still don’t believe me? Here are the best parts of Halloween for a college student, and why Halloweekend really is the best


  1. You get to drink for at least 6 days straight and no one can say ANYTHING.

This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday which means you can start drinking and going out on Thursday and rally all the way up until actual Halloween. And then on Wednesday comes Dollar Wells and we all know you’re not skipping that. Literally you can be drunk for like a week straight but it’s Halloweekend so no one can judge you. Good luck coming up with that many costumes though…


  1. You can dress totally crazy or inappropriate but again, it’s Halloween and no one can say ANYTHING.

You want to wear straight lingerie with some animal ears and go out? Do it! Want to wear a hot dog costume all weekend long? Go for it. Want to just throw on a t-shirt and write “Netflix” on it just to be able to go out? We’re all balling on a budget so rock that lazy costume. It’s Halloween. Do what you want!


  1. You get to celebrate the holiday without buying any candy (just booze)!

After college when you finally have to become a real human, you’re actually going to have to buy a bag of Halloween candy and give it away to little kids. Has anyone realized how expensive Halloween candy actually is? Enjoy the last few years when all you have to buy is your alcohol for the week/weekend and can take advantage of the clearance candy after the actual holiday ends.


  1. There’s ALWAYS something going on.

Whether you’re the type of person going Thursday-Tuesday or you just want to go out on the weekend, I promise there will be things happening all week long! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities to dress up and entertain kids, donating costumes to a drive, or a party right around the block. You’ll never be bored if you hunt for things to do! Check out all the costume contests happening on social media as well!


  1. The costume possibilities are endless.

Find the perfect squad costume for you and your best friends, make your significant other wear a couples costume, or rock one by yourself. There’s endless Pinterest and other Her Campus articles with so many ideas for different costumes that are cute, easy, and even last minute! Let your fun and creative side out with the perfect costume no matter how many times you go out!


Basically, Halloween is the best. Have an amazing week/weekend and stay safe out there collegiettes!


Photos: courtesy of Lauren Emery

Mary is a fourth year Ecology and Environmental Science major at the University of Maine, with a concentration in sustainability. Mary loves to read, spend time with her Alpha Phi sisters, cuddle with her cat, and drink coffee. She hopes to save the environment and adopt alllll the kitties.
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