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Bangor, ME Challenges Bangor, PA in Superbowl Bet

So, all of us Mainers know that Maine is a very special place. When any small thing happens here, the entire state celebrates. When the Patriots go to the Superbowl, we freak out.


The mayor of Bangor, Ben Sprague, contacted the mayor of Bangor, Pennsylvania asking if they’d be interested in a fun little wager over the Superbowl. If the Eagles were to win, Bangor, ME would be sending Bangor, PA a box of Maine whoopee pies from Governor’s, a blueberry pie from Dysarts, a case of Moxie soda (ew), some local souvenirs, and the Stephen King collection for the Bangor Public library. If the Patriots were to win, we’d be receiving a growler of beer from Bangor Trust Brew Works, an assortment of candies from Chocolates on Broadway, a pound of fresh roasted coffee from Baby Harry’s Coffee Roaster, a goodie basket from Grace on Broadway and a set of slate quoit boards.


As we all know, and are still heartbroken about, the Eagles won the Superbowl. But maybe Bangor, PA are the biggest winners of them all.


We seriously need something bigger to happen here.


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Info Source: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/tale-of-bangors-super-bet-for-maine-p…

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