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Bachelorette Week One: Michelle Meets the Men

It’s hard to believe we are starting a new season of The Bachelorette again. It seems like Katie’s season just ended, but Michelle is ready to find love and Bachelor Nation is ready to cheer her on. 

Michelle Young, the current bachelorette, is a basketball lover and kindergarten teacher from St. Louis Park, MN. While in college at Bradley University, she played Division I basketball. She looks forward to finding love and starting a family of her own one day. Michelle was previously on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor

The season started out with a total of 30 men for Michelle to date over the course of the next several months. She looked stunning in a silver sparkly dress and awaited for the men to arrive. Taiysha Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, the co-hosts, hid in the bushes to watch every dramatic entrance. 

One of the most important guys to arrive was Clayton, because it was already revealed to us that he will be the next Bachelor after Michelle’s season. Clayton was also a college athlete and his mom is a teacher, which helps him relate to Michelle. 

Another one of my favorite guys was Pardeep, a fun loving neuroscientist from Brooklyn, NY who loves comics and hosts a podcast called Deep Thoughts in his free time. He is 30 years old and the first Indian-American contestant to receive a rose on the show. 

For right now,the man of Michelle’s heart seems to be Nayte, the first guy to step out of the limo. He is from Austin, TX, and a sales representative at 27 years old. Michelle not only gave him her first kiss of the show, but also the first impression rose! Only time will tell how their love will grow over the season. 

Aside from great men, there were a few who stuck out for their problematic decisions. Ryan rolled up with an ice cream truck and wanted to fill Michelle’s life with sweet compliments. But in his hotel room, Tayshia discovers that he was actually hiding a whole notebook full of Bachelorette secrets and notes about Michelle. The book contained insensitive comments about Michelle and reminders to himself like “pretend to care.” It’s no surprise that Tayshia and Kaitlyn tell her about his antics and Michelle confronts him. Ryan claims he has never watched the show and sees no issue with his document. Michelle has to send him home after all this deception. 

And we can’t forget about Joe! He is from the same city as Michelle in Minnesota, and she sees something familiar in him. We soon find out that they have slid into each other’s DMs before, but shockingly he ghosted her and still showed up to her season. Even though they have a rocky history, she still kept him around. 

Stay tuned for the next episode Tuesday on ABC to see the first dates of the season!

Megan Ashe

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Megan Ashe is a full time undergraduate student at the University of Maine, located in Orono, ME. She is majoring in English, with a concentration in creative writing, and is also focusing on her minor in legal studies. After her time at the University of Maine, Megan hopes to attend law school and become a trial lawyer. But for now, she enjoys hanging out with friends, working at the the University Bookstore, watching true crime TV shows, and of course writing! Insta: megan_ashe2000
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