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Bachelorette Week 8: Wedding Bells and the Guys Open Up

This week on The Bachelorette, there were only 12 men left! The season is definitely getting more competitive with every man trying to make their mark on Tayshia with what limited time they have with her. 


   The first plot twist of the week came when Chris Harrison announced he would be stepping out for a bit to bring his son to college, which former bachelorette JoJo Fletcher took his place. JoJo also had a heart to heart with Tayshia over some mimosas as they talked about how Tayshia felt about the guys. They both agreed it’s hard to end relationships and hurt people’s feelings. 


   The first date of the week was one-on-one with Zac C. where he and Tayshia were going to take mock wedding shots. Tayshia appeared visibly upset and uncomfortable, as it brought back memories of her first marriage which ultimately did not work out. Zac donned a cream blazer, a white shirt, and some black pants which weren’t very color coordinated but hey, he tried. Tayshia wore a beautiful white gown. The pair had a few outfit changes and took photos outside and even on a trampoline! After the photoshoot, they enjoyed a nice picnic where Zac C. opened up to Tayshia about a previous marriage and the pair agreed they had mutual chemistry. Zac C. told Tayshia at dinner that he had struggled with addiction in the past but is looking to put that behind him and move towards a brighter future. His candid charm won him a rose and he will stay to see another week!


  Next Spencer, Ivan, Ben, Blake, Brandon, Riley, Demar, Bennett, Ed, Noah, and Brandon are all asked on a group date. They are sent to a makeshift art studio where two nude models and an artist greet them. At first, the men thought that maybe they were going to be the new models, and most got really angry because they did not want to be nude on live TV. Blake was especially bothered after surviving the dodgeball debacle. Thankfully though, the men were only asked to draw the human form and they created some silly masterpieces. Not one of these guys was trained in art so their pieces looked amateur at best but were full of love. Then, the men were blindfolded and asked to sculpt something that sums up their experience on The Bachelorette. During this, Bennet, who stole a seat next to Tayshia from Noah, snuck in a few kisses while nobody could see. Then, they were asked to create a self-portrait, and whoever showed Tayshia the most vulnerable side of them would gain extra time with her. In my opinion, it is kind of messed up to demand people to disclose their traumas to you, but the men did not seem to have too much of an issue. 


  Many guys shared touching stories and wonderful art, but Ben really stood out when he left to grab a bathrobe after holding up his painting. He proceeded to flash Tayshia his super-fit body to share all of himself with her. Later, when he pulls Tayshia aside at the cocktail party he shared that he hasn’t always been this confident and actually suffered from Bulimia for 15 long years. His sister was able to help him recover and he is so much more healthy now and proud of his body. Ben ended up getting the group date rose. 


 The last date of the week was when Tayshia and Eazy went to a haunted house staged on the property. Tayshia scared Eazy when she walked up to him and started the night off with a fun but scary tone. The pair had to follow clues in the haunted house and make their way through. All seemed to be going well and they met for dinner at another part of the resort. They shared some laughs and Eazy said he was falling for Tayshia. Shockingly, Tayshia expressed she did not feel the same way and she cannot continue to fake feelings for Eazy, so she let him go. She swiftly walked him out and seemed unbothered by the ordeal. All this comes along with allegations that Eazy sexually assaulted an unidentified woman in his past and ABC had put him under investigation but found the results to be inconclusive. Perhaps Tayshia was made to send him home for his repulsive and inexcusable past behavior. Whatever the case it seems like Tayshia really dodged a metaphorical bullet. 


Before the rose ceremony could even begin Tayshia announced that she would need to talk to both Bennet and Noah about the drama between them. Bennet gave Noah a condescending gift including a book on emotional intelligence and a remark that says Noah lacked it. Tayshia then showed up and asked the men to explain themselves. She saw the box and asked what was in it before the episode ended. Hopefully, next week viewers will find out who goes home- Noah or Bennet? Stay tuned!

Watch the Bachelorette on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC, or next-day viewing on Hulu!

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