The Bachelor Week Four Play-by-Play

On this last week of the Bachelor: Chris Harrison announces the ladies are going where? Peter and Victoria F. get a surprise guest on their one-on-one date. Does Victoria F. know the surprise guest more than Peter does? Alayah returns during the group date. Does this lead to another lingery finasco? Peter and Kelsey take a stroll through the city of Cleveland. Can their relationship get deeper than the champagne gate? The drama continues...

When Chris Harrison typically shows up unexpectedly at the mansion, it usually catches the group of ladies off guard. However, he was there for a good reason compared to last weekend’s removal of a rose. It was time for a change of scenery for the remaining ladies and as a result, the ladies were heading to none other than… Cleveland, Ohio! *insert cricket noises here* Talk about the most anticlimactic trip announcement ever. It was very obvious that the ladies were confused, but nonetheless, they were all ready to take the next step in this unforgettable journey. 

The first date in Ohio was co-piloted by Victoria F. Her date card said “Today, our love soars to new heights” which automatically resulted in the beginnings of a breakdown because of her fear of heights. When she arrives at the date, she sees a plane and immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are going skydiving. She does realize she’s dating a pilot, right? Anyway, Peter takes her flying and yes, before you ask, they stay in the plane. Post-flight, they continue their one-on-one date at an amusement park where they spent the day going on a number of rides. After an overall great day, Peter was both beaming and excited to continue the night with Victoria F. repeatedly stating that he had quite a surprise in store for her due to her love of country music. Once Peter’s surprise was revealed, Victoria F. was definitely surprised and not in the way he had hoped. They walk up to a concert being performed by country singer, Chase Rice, who happens to be Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. Talk about a PLOT TWIST. 

After the concert, Chase and Peter swap numbers and become bros, if you will, and where is Victoria F., you ask? Yes indeed, she is having yet another breakdown. Honestly, I didn’t really get what the big deal was. I mean yes, I get the pressure to bring it up to Peter because a) he would probably find out eventually and b) it would be better to hear it from her, but I definitely think she overreacted. Later that night, while they are having dinner, Victoria F. breaks the news of her past relationship with Chase. Naturally, Peter was shocked and honestly, acted appropriately. Following their talk, Victoria left the table abruptly, leading us to breakdown number three of the date. She is preparing for a crash landing at this point. However, Pilot Pete comforts her and assures her that he wants her here, giving her a rose as a confirmation of that and safely lands this plane for the night. 

Next up on the agenda, we have the group date, which included all thirteen girls minus Kelsey and Victoria F. who both went on one-on-one dates this week. The girls were headed to the Browns’ Football stadium where the ladies were playing for Peter’s time and attention. This date was a classic Bachelor move. After putting blood, sweat, and, surprisingly, no tears into this game, the teams tied with a last-minute play by Deandra. Yet, the fight found it’s way off the field as the two teams, after having tied, had to continue to fight for time at the after-party, and that was going to be considerably harder than playing football against one another. Talk about a calm before the score, am I right? 

At the after-party, Victoria P. snags Peter first which irritates all of the women considering she sat out this date which ultimately gave her one-on-one time with Peter already. Shiann was next in line for some time considering she put her ALL into scoring for her team. Out of nowhere, drama shows ba-, I mean Alayah shows back up to “set the record straight.” Alayah says absolutely nothing to the girls and heads straight for Peter. We all know what’s coming next.. those seven little words, “Can I steal you for a sec?” The number one asked question by any and every contestant on the Bachelor. Peter sits down with Alayah as she tries to clear her name saying that Victoria P. lied about not knowing her even bringing up a trip to Vegas they had planned. Peter realizes that SOMEONE is lying to him, SHOCKER. If Victoria P. wasn’t lying, she was doing a pretty poor job at showing it. Peter sits the pageant sisters, Victoria P. and Alayah, together and then proceeds to have a  conversation that exposes that Victoria P. was not completely honest from the get-go. My question is, “are Victoria P. and Alayah friends? because I’m still confused, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, not only does Peter ask Alayah to stay, but he gives her the group date rose. Honestly, I want to know what was going through Peter’s head and why he felt like this was the best course of action because NOTHING about that was a good idea. Where’s Chris when we need him to take away a rose from Peter? After Peter left the date, Alayah began chatting it up with a few of the girls about some things she saw from her week at home (someone should NOT have given her access back to her phone), namely the fact that Victoria F. used to date Chase Rice. The drama continues. 

It’s time for Kelsey’s one-on-one date with Peter. This was one of the most boring dates I have ever seen. Yes, they explored the city, but he introduced the date as going for a walk, how exciting... Anyway, after a day of exploring the city, they had dinner just like how every one-on-one date ends, but at least they completed their dinner unlike some of the others. Despite this, I did enjoy this part of their date because we got to see a side of Kelsey that we hadn’t seen before. Kelsey opened up about why she is so guarded most of the time, the reasoning being that her father left her family one day out of the blue after twelve years which was very emotional for her and I’m sure was a difficult part of her life for her to bring up. Peter, also, got emotional and cried while talking about his family because we all know how much Peter loves his family. At the end of this date, Kelsey accepts Peter’s rose. 

This leads us to the rose ceremony. The claws are out during the cocktail party and they are all pointing those claws at our Pilot Pete who is not landing this episode smoothly. The ladies express their concerns with both his decision making as well as bringing Alayah back. Peter starts the night by talking to Victoria P. after she creates a scene saying “she didn’t really want to talk to him right now” but that “they should talk” and going back and forth between those options in front of all the girls for an absurd amount of time. During their conversation, Victoria P. mentioned how Alayah was already starting more drama within the house after being back for not very long, mentioning the incident that happened with Victoria F. in regards to Alayah telling the house about her past with Chase. Peter talks to Victoria F. about this in an attempt to get her side of the story and to clarify that she hadn’t told anyone herself. I’m not sure why she would, considering she barely wanted to tell Peter, yet once again, Peter concludes that Alayah is the topic of discussion and not in a good way.  We are then left with the dreaded “to be continued..” while listening to the girls continue to bicker in the background. 

Who will go home? Will the Alayah drama finally be put to rest? Will the girls forgive Peter? This is the most dramatic season ever. Stay tuned for next week's episode recap of The Bachelor.