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The Bachelor Week Five Recap Continued #LoveDoesNotAlwaysWin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Last night on The Bachelor: Hannah Ann and Peter go on a date. Does Hannah Ann wanna know what love is? The group date has the girls acting in telenovela roles. Are some of the girls only acting? Ready, set, let’s roll into Victoria F. and Peter’s second date. Are Victoria’s eyes only on Peter? We were surprised with a two-on-one with Mykenna and Tammy. Does #LoveWin? The drama continues… 

We start the episode off in Santiago, Chile! The girls are out to lunch and alright, I have to say it. We are not even five minutes into this episode and Mykenna is already crying and frankly, it’s annoying. Anyway, Peter shows up to meet the girls for lunch where he asks Hannah Ann to go on a date with him, so let’s jump into that first one-on-one date. 

Hannah Ann was one of the girls that I honestly wasn’t a fan of at all at the beginning. I will admit, the past couple episodes she has grown on me, but only a little bit. Peter and Hannah Ann started the date off by dancing in the streets followed by a conversation between the two of them about love. Hannah Ann expresses that she has never been in love which makes Peter nervous, for sure. He starts to wonder if she is ready for this life long commitment if it were the two of them at the end because if she’s never loved anyone, how will she know if she feels love for him as strongly as he does for her? Later in the night, Peter brought up the love question again and he asked about previous relationships that Hannah Ann had been in. She said she dated a guy from her hometown for three and a half years. What?? So, you’re telling me that you spent three and a half years with someone and never once felt that you were in love with them? After that conversation, Peter excused himself from the table, obviously emotionally overwhelmed and conflicted. After sitting there for a couple of minutes, Hannah Ann comes out to him, crying, and says that she is falling in love with Peter. Peter goes back inside and comes back out with a rose. Peter expressed to Hannah Ann that this is the type of emotion he wants out of her and Hannah Ann accepts Peter’s rose. Meanwhile back at the house, tensions are high as there were two date cards opened. The first one is a group date and everyone’s name was on it, except for Victoria F. which means this will be her second one-on-one of the season. A lot of the girls were frustrated to hear this considering there are still a few girls who haven’t had one-on-one dates yet. Mykenna, in particular, was very upset and you can guess what happened next. Tears were shed. Shocker. 

Next up, we have the group date where the girls recreated a Spanish telenovela. All the girls are assigned to different roles And truthfully, I wasn’t going to make fun of some of the roles assigned, but I have too. Mykenna was assigned the role of the maid and she was just kind of in the background the whole time, until the end when Peter finally noticed her. I hope this character didn’t hit too close to home – if you know what I mean. Honestly, that’s the only character assignment that I thought was funny, although Kelley’s abuelita bit was entertaining. I thought this date was really fun and it was refreshing to see a date where the girls could really relax and have fun with it. 

At the after-party, Peter and Victoria P. have a conversation where Victoria P. expresses that she didn’t want him to look at her differently after the Alayah conversation, noting that she’s taken a step back after that whole situation. Peter told her that he didn’t question her character and knew the person she was because of how big of a heart she has. However, clearly, we now know that wasn’t enough. Because Peter ultimately tells her that he couldn’t picture her as his wife. Ouch. Peter walks her out, even though it was very apparent that Victoria P. was all set when talking to Peter telling him that she hopes he is making the right decision because that’s the last conversation they would ever have. After she leaves, Peter goes back to the ladies, explaining what just transpired with Victoria P., and the date keeps on rolling. I thought the rest of the date was going to go smoothly… I’m obviously joking. Tammy decides to call Mykenna out on not being mature enough or ready for a commitment to Peter, stating that she believes she’s not there for the right reasons. I’m sorry, but does Tammy even have a relationship with Peter? I see her fighting with the other women more than focusing on her relationship with Peter and if she put that much energy into her relationship with him, she and Peter would probably have one. Peter found Mykenna and they had a conversation about what happened with Tammy in regard to what she had said to her. Peter told her not to let other girls get her down. I feel like that’s something my dad would tell me and not something my future husband would, but anyway, it seemed to make Mykenna happy. Ultimately, at the end of the date, Madison received the group date rose. 

Victoria F. and Peter go on their second one-on-one date. Peter and she go horseback riding, yet another go-to Bachelor date idea. It’s clear Peter likes Victoria F., but sometimes I’m confused by her. She said that it’s hard for her to focus on her relationship with him, especially with the other girls around and no surprise here, we do see some tears. Peter tells her that if she can’t see a future with him, then she needs to be honest with herself and remove herself from this process. This is one of the girls that Peter clearly has a strong connection with, so this definitely came as a surprise to him and honestly, I was a little surprised too. Later that night, Peter tells Victoria F. that he was caught off guard by the conversation they had earlier that day and it really hurt the confidence that he had in their relationship. He goes on to say that Victoria F. has her guard up and he is confused as to why she can’t let a good thing be, instead of self-sabotaging it. In return, she says that she is trying and wants to be here, but maybe he needs someone who can open up to him more than she can and is able to, at this point. This results in her leaving the table, crying. Haven’t we seen this before? Victoria F. needs to be honest with herself and him because at this point in the season, every conversation counts and if they aren’t moving forward, then she needs to go – like the other Victoria. When Victoria returns, she apologizes for acting in the way that she has and says that it’s not fair that she can’t open up to him, but that she is trying even if it isn’t being taken as such. Peter told her that he is crazy about her and he still wants to continue moving forward with her and Victoria F. accepts his rose. 

The next day the girls were expecting the normal routine of getting ready for the rose ceremony, when suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. Kelley approaches the door to find another date card. She opens it to see… the dreaded two-on-one. Okay in all seriousness though, this is the one date card you don’t want to see your name on. This date was for Mykenna and Tammy. Now, this is what I like to see. At this point, I hoped both of them would go home. I don’t think Peter really has a connection with either of them and they are just at each other’s throats. Mykenna and Tammy met with Peter before the cocktail party and Tammy gets the opportunity to talk to Peter first. I zoned out when Tammy was talking because I just don’t really care what she has to say. She spends all her time talking about other people and I just don’t respect that. Tammy revealed to Peter that Mykenna had packed her bags to leave before the group date and that she is using this entire opportunity to promote herself and her brand. When Mykenna gets her chance to talk to Peter, she spends her time defending herself. I mean, that is the reason they are having the two-on-one. In the end, Peter said he believed Mykenna and sent Tammy home. Honestly, I’m surprised she made it this far. Did she and Peter even have a relationship? Well, at this point, it doesn’t matter now.

At the cocktail party, everything went very smoothly. I know, a cocktail party with NO drama. Who knew it could even be possible? Anyway, all the girls had their time with Peter and nothing really interesting happened so let’s jump into the rose ceremony. Sydney and Mykenna didn’t receive roses and I was genuinely surprised to see Sydney go. Let’s hope that comment Peter made about Sydney being the best kisser doesn’t come back to bite him in the butt. In regards to Mykenna, well I have nothing to say about that after her little “ I’m a strong woman” monologue. 

Relationships will be put to the test. Are the ladies’ relationships with Peter as strong as they think? Who will go on dates and who will go home? It’s the most dramatic season ever. Stay tuned for next week’s recap of The Bachelor. 





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