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The Bachelor Week 10 Part 1 Recap: Peter’s Family is #TeamHannahAnn but Peter is #TeamMadison

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

In the first part of Week 10 of The Bachelor: Why is Peter’s mom crying? How will Peter’s family react to meeting the final two women? Has Chris Harrison actually promised us the most dramatic and unexpected ending ever? The drama continues. 

Well, it has been a long ride, but we are finally at the end of Peter’s dramatic, rollercoaster of a season. We start the episode off in Alice Springs in Australia. Peter has a rough week ahead of him because he is in love with two women. Peter’s family is here with us this week and I’m not sure if you remember the beginning montage like I do but he has made very clear that his parents’ opinions mean a great deal to him. We watch Peter catch his parents up to speed on what has been going on this season and this includes Peter telling his family about what happened last week with Madison which in response, his family found rather concerning that her choice to save herself for marriage was brought up to him so late. They ask who they get to meet first and Peter tells them they will get to meet Hannah Ann who they haven’t met before. Because this episode was filmed live, afterward, we cut to Chris Harrison talking about how no one knows how this season is actually going to end. 

Peter goes to get Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann looks like she is always about to cry and I’m just going to add this in there, every time she starts talking about Peter, she sounds like she is choking on her words and holding back tears. Peter’s mom pulls Hannah Ann aside and at this point, Hannah starts crying to Barb about how much she loves her son. For the fourth time this season, Hannah mentions how she would rather be all in and break her heart rather than regret anything and this is happily received by Barb who really appreciates her expressing that as well as her love for Peter. She talks to Peter’s dad next and basically said the exact same thing. Quick question, did she rehearse a script for this? She is starting to sound like Mykenna and I’m just waiting for her “I’m a strong woman who deserves love” speech to follow. Anyway, Hannah Ann tells Peter’s dad, who’s name is also Peter, about how she believes it was love at first sight. Peter’s dad is apprehensive about this because he has had his heart broken before and we see Peter talking to his dad about how he is in love with two women and doesn’t know what he is going to do. Peter says he needs to have that time with Madison to see if how he is feeling about Hannah is the same as what he is feeling with Madison. That being said, Peter elaborates by stating that he doesn’t know how things are going to go with Madison moving forward and overall, he feels stress about the whole situation.

Peter and Madison finally get the time to sit down and talk about the week. She expresses her concerns she had from last week stating that she had the best day with him, but he hurt her. She knows Peter can make his own decisions, but she needed to voice her concerns about their relationship and her personal expectations. Peter responds by apologizing for his role in hurting her, but she doesn’t truly know where she stands with him and at this point, he feels like he should. Peter says he is glad she shared her concerns, but he says that definitely came across as an ultimatum – even if she didn’t intend for it to be one. Madison says she is hanging on a thread at this point when she should be feeling confident about their relationship and she doesn’t know what to do. It is very obvious to me that they both care very deeply about each other, that definitely isn’t the question here. The question is whether or not Madison would be willing to look past this and it isn’t clear whether she can or not. Peter is asking Madison not to leave, per usual, as Madison talks about their fantasy suite date. She says she wanted to tell him that she was falling in love with him that night and understandably, Peter gets all excited because that is what he has been waiting to hear from her. 

We finally go inside to see Peter’s parents. Peter catches them up to speed telling them about their talk outside and them discussing the “roadblock” in their relationship. Madison explained last week that she’s not going to do that again but says that she does love and care for him. Madison talks to Peter’s dad first and he starts by telling her that he saw Peter was hurting yesterday, but he wants to know how capable they actually are. Madison says that they are obviously very different, but the overall goal of growing together is a shared goal and one that is present in their relationship. She goes on to talk about how she just wants the best for Peter and continues to talk about that for a bit. We then see Peter talking to his brother and his brother discusses how Peter is usually physical in relationships and asks if he would really be okay with waiting until they were fully married to bring that physical aspect into the relationship. Peter responds that he would be fine with it because he loves her. Again, his brother raises another point about how Peter spends his time in a very different way than Madison does and asks if they have talked about that to which Peter replies that they have. Noticeably, his brother kind of cuts him off and tells him that he’s not trying to cause any problems but that his intention is to ensure that Peter isn’t compromising himself to act a certain way that he wouldn’t usually act in if he were to be in another relationship. At the end of the day, he wants to make sure he is being himself and that Madison truly loves him for the person he is and not the person he attempts to be. I totally get that though. We have only been talking about what Madison would be giving up, but this is different for Peter as well. Next, we see Peter talking to his dad and Peter tells his dad that they don’t see the Madison that he sees. We quickly cut to Madison talking to his mom, Barb and well, Barb has a LOT of questions for her. She understands that Madison is very religious and talks about how Peter is very spiritual as well, but they aren’t on the same level of commitment when it comes to faith. Barb talks about how Peter’s lifestyle is very different than hers and if I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure if this is something Peter and Madison have actually talked about, but if not, Barb is totally exposing him and I’m living for it. Anyway, she says she believes it was wrong of Madison to tell Peter what she did last week during Fantasy Suit Week because Peter was in relationships with other women and that was his decision to make in regards to how physical he did or did not expect to get with them. Madison jumps back in by saying that all feelings during this entire situation were valid and I have to say I totally agree with that. To be honest, I get why they are important, but I’m sick of hearing about the Fantasy Suites. I think if anything, this date showed them how different they actually are from one another. Madison leaves and we see Barb crying – or I guess, sobbing. She says that Madison isn’t there for him and goes on to say that she prayed for them last night because he has another amazing woman there for him. Barb literally said that Hannah Ann is an angel on earth. I was not expecting this. I’m shook. 

The next day, we see Peter with his family, again. His family is confused as to why Peter is so hooked on Madison. His family is literally team Hannah Ann. Peter says that he is not trying to get caught up on what happened last week and he can look past this because he believes in her and their relationship they’ve built this whole season. He keeps saying that they don’t know the Madison he knows. We finally see who Barb is crying about. Let me tell you, this was the most anticlimactic thing ever. Barb is crying over Hannah Ann? I mean it makes sense I guess considering they think she is the best thing to ever walk the earth. Peter asks his mom not to do that to him because it is hurting him and it makes his decision between the two women that much harder for him. I can’t imagine being in Peter’s shoes because it’s so clear he wants Madison more than Hannah right now, but his family doesn’t support that #TeamHannahAnn.

We see Chris Harrison again where he tells us what happens next is going to be brutal. Alright, Chris lay it on me, I can honestly say I’m ready. Disappointed, but not surprised has been my mood all season, so let’s see if Chris can change that. We start back off with Peter and Madison. Peter claims he has a cool date planned for the two of them, but I’m sorry, at this point any date that occurs in the air is just not cool Peter, it’s cliche and we get it – you’re a pilot. Anyway, they took a helicopter ride to explore Uluru by air. Uluru is this really huge, spiritual rock. We hear Madison talking to producers about how she has been fighting for this relationship, but she thinks it is time to surrender. She has realized how different they both are and doesn’t know how this is going to work moving forward. Madison and Peter are sitting and talking together with Madison stating that they have both wanted this relationship to work between the two of them so badly that they have been blind to how that relationship will really be after this. She doesn’t think they can give each other what they both need out of a relationship and that has been evidently shown. Peter asks why she doesn’t think they could work to which she elaborates on how for her personally, she has come to the realization about how different they truly are and that with one another and relationships, they expect different things. Peter is clearly confused because of how things went yesterday because Madison had expressed yesterday how she could see a future with him and if he had proposed to her on that building during Fantasy Suite Week, she would have said yes. We see Peter getting emotional and Madison says that she needs to start being more realistic because she doesn’t know if they are compatible and whether or not they really are the best fit for one another. This hurt me to watch because Peter has been all about Madison since day one and understandably, Peter expresses how this is not how he wanted this to end. I’m having flashbacks to Colton’s season when Cassie left because she wasn’t ready for marriage, but Colton sent the remaining two women home and fought for Cassie. Maybe Peter will do the same? Anyway, Peter says goodbye to Madison. 

We see Chris talking to Peter. Chris apologizes for what happened with Madison and truthfully, I feel like Chris has been through this so many times, he is just so nonchalant to most situations on the show. Peter talks about how he doesn’t give up on the things he wants, but he understands not everyone has the same mentality. Peter knows that he still has Hannah Ann here and that she loves him. Chris asks if he can keep going to which he responds that he doesn’t really know. All Peter wanted was for this to work out in the end and Peter is hoping that following his heart will mean that it did, however, does that mean it’s with Hannah Ann?

Next, Peter and Hannah Ann go on a date to a Kangaroo Sanctuary which was a really cute date, honestly. They had a really good day together, however, Hannah Ann knew that something was off with him. She wants to show him that he has nothing to worry about with her and that he doesn’t need to question her commitment to him and her belief in their relationship. During the night time portion of this date, Peter and Hannah Ann continue to talk about their future together and Hannah wants to use every minute she has with him to not hold back, which is what she has literally been saying all season. Peter expresses that this ending is bittersweet for him. Is it Pete? If I was you, I would be so happy this journey was over. I feel like every time Hannah Ann and Peter talk, she just says the same thing over and over again and I feel like I’m watching reruns of this season every time she speaks. Anyway, Peter talks about how this week has been so hard and how she has really been there for him throughout this entire journey from start to finish and this will come as no surprise to anyone but we see Hannah Ann crying...again. Imagine how short these episodes would have been if producers just cut the crying scenes – actually, on second thought, if they did, there would be no show. We end this episode with Peter saying goodnight to Hannah Ann. 

Will there be a proposal? Is Madison really gone? Does Barb shed more tears? The most dramatic season of The Bachelor is coming to an end. Stay tuned for my final recap of this season of The Bachelor.

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