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The Bachelor Recap Week Seven: Let’s Just Cancel the Entire Season at This Point

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

This past week on The Bachelor: Peter and Hannah go axe-throwing. Will their relationship be chopped to the ground? Peter and Kelsey stomp on grapes. Is their relationship sweeter than wine? Madison and Peter play basketball. Is their relationship worth a shot? Victoria and Peter see Hunter Hayes perform. Does Peter really want crazy? The drama continues… 

Our first hometown destination of this episode is Knoxville, Tennessee to visit Hannah Ann’s family, but before Peter could meet the family, Hannah takes Peter axe-throwing to “make a man out of him” before he’s presented to her father. It was interesting, to say the least, because neither of them was that great at it, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Anyway, after this activity, Peter tells Hannah Ann that he has something for her and surprise, It’s a list of all the things he likes about her. I don’t know if you remember the cheesy list I talked about last week that Hannah Ann wrote for him, but his was in response to hers. Honestly, his list was just as cheesy as hers was and all the things on it were points that literally could apply to the other three women, but I’ll let it go. 

Later that night, we meet Hannah Ann’s family. Her sister pulls her aside first and I’m just going to say it, I guess crying runs in the family because that’s all I remember from their conversation. Next, we see Peter talking to Hannah Ann’s mother and he tells her that Hannah has expressed that she loves him and he wants to reciprocate that, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to tell her. Following this talk, Peter talks to Hannah’s father next and if I’m being honest, her dad scares me. Peter expresses to him the same thing he told Hannah’s mother and he was definitely caught off guard. In response, he warns Peter not to tell Hannah that he is falling in love with her unless he truly means it. Honestly, props to him because Peter has already told one girl he is falling in love with her, but hey, why not tell another one? and again, no surprise here, that is exactly what he did. 

Next up, we travel to Kelsey’s hometown in Des Moines, Iowa. For their activity, they spend the day stomping grapes and how fun… I mean, who doesn’t love wine? After the grapes were stomped, they were given the chance  to make their own blend of wine. Not that we didn’t see this coming but Kelsey expresses to Peter that she is in love with him which I’m pretty sure has already been covered, but hey, reassurance is great. Later that night, we meet Kelsey’s family. Kelsey begins by talking to her sisters about how she feels about him and needless to say, they are worried, only because they don’t want her to get hurt. Peter talks to Kelsey’s mother and she expresses to him that she is also worried about her daughter getting her heartbroken and tells Peter not to break her heart. I’m sorry, but these people do understand that there are three other girls still involved in this, right? He can’t promise them anything even if he wanted to. Following these talks, Kelsey breaks down during her discussion with her stepfather stating once again that she is scared of getting her heartbroken. Truthfully, all you need to take away from Kelsey’s hometown date is that everyone is worried about Kelsey getting her heart broken. Mic drop. 

We’re in Auburn, Alabama next, which is Madison’s hometown. Of course, they end up spending the day at Auburn University playing basketball and I’m glad we got to see this because watching Peter play basketball was almost as funny as watching him throw an axe. I’m kidding, he actually wasn’t that bad. Later that night we meet Madison’s family and I’ve been waiting for this hometown ever since the preview because Madison hasn’t talked to Peter about her decision to save herself for marriage. Quick sidenote, do you think her family knows about Peter and Hannah Brown in the windmill… not just once or twice but multiple times? Peter talks to Madison’s father first and Peter tells him that he told Madison that he’s falling in love with her and in his response, her father basically asks how he can know if Peter is being genuine in his feelings for his daughter. Peter counters by saying that he knows how his heart feels about her but that doesn’t seem to appease her father because Madison’s father continues to slam Peter with the hard questions. I mean, someone has to… After Peter has a discussion with her father, Madison follows and you can tell that her father’s opinion is very important to her, although I do think she was slightly relieved when he told her that he wasn’t ready to give up all hope in regards to her relationship with Peter. Also, I just want to add that I was very disappointed that Madison didn’t talk to Peter about how she is saving herself for marriage but then again, no one works harder than The Bachelor Producers, am I right?

Finally, we find ourselves in Virginia Beach, Virginia next which is where Victoria F. is from. Sidenote, I love Virginia Beach, I have actually gone there on vacation a couple of times and I have been to some of the spots we saw on the date. Anyway, back to the date, for starters, Victoria takes Peter to Old Time Photos, which is fun I guess but that wasn’t the only thing she had in store for him, she had one more surprise for Peter. They walk up to a Chase Rice Concert!! Not really, but can you imagine? However, there was a concert going on and it was Hunter Hayes singing his single “I Want Crazy.” Shocker. It’s obvious Victoria was definitely trying to redeem herself here after the Chase Rice concert finasco a couple of episodes prior. They both looked like they enjoyed themselves at the concert, but they ended up parting ways and out of nowhere, Marrisa shows up. She warns Peter about Victoria, basically saying he deserves better and that many relationships have been broken up because of her. Wow, way to drop the ball, Marissa. Honestly, these two are so problematic and have had so many issues already, I just feel like it shouldn’t already be this hard. 

Later that night, Peter shows up to meet Victoria’s family, but he obviously needs to talk to her about what went down after they went their separate ways after the concert first. He relays to her what Marrisa had told him and if I’m being honest, I feel bad for Peter because she started getting defense and he didn’t have much context that he could offer in regards to what Marrisa had said as he tried to explain it all to Victoria. After bickering back and forth for a hot minute, Peter finally asks her if she ever fights for anything that she wants and I mean, that’s a valid question. This same type of situation has happened on every single date they have ever been on, it’s almost routine at this point. She walks away crying per usual, but she ends up coming back obviously because they are at her house after all. Okay, I’m going to say it and I’m not sorry, this woman is manipulative with a capital M, Peter wasn’t attacking her, and at the same time, how can he not bring this up to her? She is turning this around on him and if I was Pilot Pete, I would have dumped her, but whatever, I’m not the Bachelor. Anyway, for the fourth time this season (but who’s counting?), Victoria cries because she doesn’t know how they are going to move forward from this. I’m sorry, but that is all I really have for you all because I couldn’t understand what Victoria was saying because of how hard she was sobbing. In case you were wondering, the answer is no – Peter did not meet Victoria’s family that night. Have fun explaining that one to mom and dad, Victoria. Sidenote, Victoria’s parents come out while she was outside crying and obviously they asked her what was wrong to which she responded by telling them that he left. Oh hunny, you don’t want to tell them why? Shocker. Okay, I’m done talking about this child and yes, I referred to her as a child. 

Wait, I spoke too soon. The following day, we are still in Virginia Beach and Victoria shows up at Peter’s hotel. They apologize to each other and Victoria tells him that she is falling in love with him, rather nonchalantly I might add, and Peter claps back saying that he doesn’t think that she wants him to love her the way he can. Here we go again but she starts crying. She expresses that she is trying so hard and I’m sorry but I beg to differ. ANYWAY, she goes on to say that she can’t walk away from him yet, I have to say it – when the going gets tough, Victoria gets going. After this talk and exchange of apologies, they kind of leave things on weird terms and Peter said he didn’t want to make a decision right then. For those of you who don’t know, I write this as I watch it, so I swear this better be the last time I ever have to write about Victoria F. 

Now it is time to see which one of the ladies is going back to their hometown and of course, they are doing this rose ceremony in an airplane hanger. Quick question, Is Peter a pilot or something? because I’m honestly starting to wonder. Anyway, the first rose of the night went to Hannah Ann and the second one went to Madison. I figured both of these women would get roses, so I wasn’t really surprised there. However, the third and final rose ends up being given to Victoria F. WHAT IN THE WORLD?? What is he thinking? I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion and I’m sorry if it is but I really liked Kelsey. I mean, yeah she cries a decent amount, but she was one of the better ones he had to choose from.

Peter then announces to the remaining women that they are going to Australia. We end the episode with Madison asking to talk to Peter because next week is Fantasy Suite week and she has made it clear that she is not willing to compromise her beliefs for this, so we will have to wait to see that conversation next week. ALSO, I had to add this somewhere but I just about died at the end of the episode when they showed Victoria’s family talking about getting to meet Peter and it was them sitting in their living room talking about what they were going to say to him. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that funny but it was to me. Anyway, that’s all I got for you this week. 

Who will Peter stay the night in the fantasy suite with? How will Peter react to Madison’s news? Will Victoria finally go home? This is the most dramatic season ever. Stay tuned for next week’s recap of The Bachelor. 


Hi all, Shelby here. I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap of The Bachelor. Prior to writing this, I received some hilarious commentary from my best friend Mikaela Shea, who is interning in Washington D.C. this semester and was watching it live Monday night. I asked her if I could put her comments in my recap and she was all about it, so here we go.

Mikaela sent me her hometown summary in a list so I thought I would share it with all of you in the hopes you enjoy it as much as I did: 1) Hannah Ann is annoying, 2) Kelsey and her family are all clones who don’t stop crying 3) Madison definitely has a super unhealthy relationship with her dad and 4) Victoria is the WORST.

In Mikaela’s words, she believes that it would be in Peter’s best interest to choose no one at the end of this and try to get back together with Hannah Brown (except she knows that won’t happen because he has been making the most frustrating decisions this entire season). Mikaela didn’t provide me with any more commentary because she informed me that if and I quote, “Victoria received a rose she would be screaming into an abyss.” I’m just kidding, she did tell me more but that was something she said. Did anyone else notice that Hannah Ann’s southern accent was getting stronger and more noticeable throughout the date? Well, Mikaela did. On a final note, Mikaela is also convinced that Peter is only keeping Victoria around for Fantasy Suites and honestly, I would have to say I agree with that one. 





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