Avante-Garde with Rachel: Winter layering

We are all going to have to accept the fact that snow is going to start falling any day...or in our case, last Sunday. Winter is the time of year when you want to curl up in a blanket with sweatpants, and a sweatshirt and watch Disney movies all day; unfortunately, we are all adults and we have responsibilities that do not include being lazy. We need to go to class, to work, internships, or grocery shopping. 

All girls want to look cute while walking to class, but how do you look cute and be warm and comfortable at the same time?


Here are a few layering ideas and clothing ideas to keep you warm and keep you fashion forward all winter long.


1. Layer thin layers. Having several layers of body conscious clothes will keep you warmer than you think. Get a thin, long sleeve crew neck or turtle neck in a neutral color. The next layer is a sweater. Grab something bright so you do not look so drab like everyone else. A cashmere sweater is soft, warm, and expensive, but completely worth the hassle of taking care of it. Your next layer is a fun scarf. Make sure it is not a silk scarf...that will not keep you warm. Get a warm long, thick scarf; make sure one of the colors in the scarf matches your sweater color to make your outfit cohesive. Of course, the top layer will be your jacket. I suggest a pea coat, or trench of any color, neutral or bright.


2. Grab a cape. Tired of the same coat you have in your closet? How about one of those days where mother nature says it is going to unseasonably warm? Use the same layering technique as above, but instead of a pea coat or trench, grab a cape. Make sure it is nice a thick, you still do want to be warm...even if it is unseasonably warm. I know what you are probably thinking...A CAPE?! I don’t play World of Warcraft;” and thats fine...I do not play that either; it is not a cape like you are thinking, get a short cape, one that hits at about the hips or maybe a little longer. Do not get a cape like superman; be chic.


3. Fur. Adding a fur trim to either a cape or wearing a fur scarf will keep you insanely warm. There is a reason animals are covered in fur, because they are meant to live outside. If you do not want to wear real fur because you are into animal rights (trust me, I agree with you) then there is always the option of wearing fake fur. Now-a-days fake fur looks a lot like real fur, therefore you get all the warmth and luxury, without the awful feeling of the fact that you are wearing an animal around your neck.


4. Sunglasses. According to Harpers Bazaar magazine, the winter equivalent to summer and aviators, is winter and oversized sunglasses. According to the magazine, they say that oversize dark sunglasses will help cover up dry, wind-chapped skin. Also, even though it is not summer, it is still important to protect your eyes from the sun.

5. Leather. You are probably thinking that leather is not going to keep you very warm...on the contrary! Leather is extremely warm. Grab a biker jacket. Because the leather hugs your body, it keeps your body heat close to you, keeping you warm.


6. Leather Gloves. Stop with the knitted mittens, or the thin gloves. Get quality gloves so you can easily move your hands and wrap them around your nice hot coffee.



So while a lot of people are looking silly walking to class in sweats looking like they have the plague, all eyes will be on you for looking amazing, and not to mention, WARM.