Avant-Garde with Rachel: So you have a date, now what are you going to wear?

            So you have a date! The first question most women will ask themselves is “what am I going to wear?” This question is, of course, of probably of the utmost importance. I know we like to think that looks are not everything, but first impressions can never be taken back or redone; therefore you DO need to look top notch on a first date. I know what you are thinking... “but I want him to like my personality!” All women want that, but you are in denial if you think that guys are going to look at your personality before they look at how you look...it is what it is...and anyone who says that looks are not important is again, in denial.


            Here are the top five date night looks, plus a little insight into what a man will think of how you are dressed on a date!


1. V-neck Dress:  A simple v-neck dress will do wonders for your confidence. Show a little cleavage and a little clavicle (collar bone). A faux wrap will cinch you at the waist making you look like you have more curves than a back road. You could also get a very structured dress like the photo above. Wear a bright color dress like red or blue and pair it with a nude high heel pump!



2. Little Black Dress: You can never go wrong with a LBD. Just a little fashion history for you; the little black dress was invented by Christian Dior, a very famous (and my favorite) French luxury designer, who first showed the LBD in the mid 1950's. When wearing a little black dress, make sure you accessorize SIMPLY. That is very important. If you want to add color, add it to your shoes and bag, I would suggest you get the shoes and back to match. Beware of colors like yellow and orange when wearing black, you do not want to look like a walking bumblebee or obsessed with Halloween.



3. Sundress: Of course, this depends on what season it is. Here in Maine, you probably do not want to wear a sundress in the dead of winter. However,  for summertime dates, this is a FANTASTIC option. Make the sundress a little more modest by bringing a sweater along, or just incase it gets cold. Go for a flattering a-line shape and a fun print or solid color. As for shoes, go for a strappy high heel in a matching color as one of the colors in the sundress.



4. Jeans and Stripes: Simple is usually better, especially if you are going to go out to shoot pool and grab a drink. Pair your favorite denim blue skinny jeans with a nice fitted white and blue striped shirt. It will give you the look of being more laid back. Pair this look with a tan leather jacket just incase it is cold out. Wear a pair of spiked heels in a fun color, or a pair of brown flats or boots to complete your look.


5. Cut out dress: a cut out dress can be your best friend or your worse enemy. While this blog is about first date outfits, I am going to just put this out there; since guys are very visual, if you wear a sexy cut out dress on a first date, he might get the wrong impression. I suggest wearing a sexy cut out dress when you are ready to let him make a move. I suggest keeping your cute cut out dress for a later date. 


I went out and polled a few men about first date outfits and what they think of them.


Kyle Grover, a brother of Kappa Sigma and student at the University of Maine stated that “as long as you don’t show up trashy and you look alright, thats fine with me. Wear something comfortable, because there’s nothing more attractive than a confident happy woman; but if I had to choose, I would say maybe a summer dress or skirt and top.” On a scale of 1-10, Kyle answered that he rates the importance of how a woman looks on a first date at a 6.


I interviewed another gentleman who wished to remain anonymous, however he answered that a woman should wear whatever she is most confident in, because her confidence is what makes her attractive. On the same scale, he answered that the importance of how a woman looks on a first date is at a 7.


Joseph Carroll, a brother of Alpha Gamma Rho and student at the University of Maine stated that she should dress in something sexy, and show a little skin. “Dancing, I’d say skirt and heels.” Joseph said on a scale of 1-10, his vote was 8.


So while you are pondering away at what you should wear to impress the guy you are about to go out with, remember that confidence is sexy. Be comfortable and dress for the date; make sure he tells you what the date is. There really is nothing worse than going mini golfing in stilettos.