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9 Kesha Songs That Literally Defined Our High School Years


1. Tik Tok

Kesha’s first hit was a total banger. It introduced us to the world of Kesha: glitter, liquor and partying. Who tried brushing their teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels?

2. Your Love Is My Drug

This song literally defined your first high school crush. “I like your beard.”

3. Blah Blah Blah

A little racy for the beginning of high school, we couldn’t play this one in the car with Mom. Kesha really told it like it is- please just shut up, and let’s go Netflix and chill.


4. We R Who We R

This song came out at the perfect time- when your bestie just got her license. Blasting this on blown Subaru speakers and belting, “Tonight we’re going hard hard ha-ha-ha hard!”

5. Blow

This high school cafeteria that is set up like a club is about to blow!

6. Crazy Beautiful Life

Blasting this while getting ready for the Homecoming Dance with your girls. We’ve gone through so much together!


7. Die Young

In the heart of our youth, Kesha made us realize that these were in fact the best times of our lives.

8. C’Mon

Kesha once again preaching about living in the moment. Why couldn’t this be our graduation song?

9. Crazy Kids

With familiar, “Tik Tok”-sounding rap, Kesha let us know that it’s cool to be crazy.


Though it’s somewhat painful to reminisce about our teenage-selves rapping Kesha, she played a large part in our fun, young lives. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.



Kate Berry is a fourth-year journalism major at the University of Maine in Orono. She loves reading about the latest trends and events. 
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