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8 Date Ideas That Are Perfect for the Winter

Sick of the cold weather getting in the way of your #dategoals with your significant other? Check out the 8 date suggestions below!


1) Ice Skating at a Local Park
Clumsy? That’s okay, it just means you can hold on tight to your date.

2) Lazy Day In

Put on your coziest jammies and snuggle up together with tons of blankets. Have a holiday movie marathon with a cup of hot chocolate.

3) Shopping Trip

Some love it and some hate it. Make the trips to all the stores more enjoyable by having your favorite plus one with you and maybe surprise each other with a sweet little something!

4) Cookie Date

Sorry Grandma, I swear you’re not getting replaced… Baking your favorite cookies in the kitchen together is sure to be a blast. Feel free to get a little messy, it just adds to the fun!

5) Sledding

Sure, this might seem like something you’re too old for, but, BONUS points if either of you have younger siblings that you bring along. This is a good way to get in with the family (just make sure they don’t get hurt)!

6) Dinner and a Show

Dress up nice and spoil each other. Have a romantic night grabbing dinner and seeing a play or concert. 

7) Sports

Pick up some tickets to go to a local sporting event or drive the four hours to Boston to check out the Celtics or the Bruins! 

8) Group Dates

Hanging out alone with your SO is great, but hanging out with mutual friends you both enjoy can be a blast too! Get some other couples together and go outside or just have a fun game night. You could have a team snowball fight, skiing trip, snowshoeing adventure, or a day of ice fishing (just make sure the ice is thick enough).

Lauren Labbay

U Maine '21

Lauren is a Sophomore at UMaine studying Civil Engineering. She loves squirrels, dogs, and taking walks outside.
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