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When I first walked into my dorm room on move-in day, I thought it would be impossible to make this room feel like home. From the tiled floors, to the bare white walls and all the yellow wood, I saw no hope for such a dull, empty space. Here are some things I have found that help make these dorm rooms feel a little more like home.

  1. Soft Lights

String lights, LEDs, and lamps are just a few things you can use to replace harsh fluorescent ceiling lights. Fluorescent lights are staples for schools, department stores, and other larger establishments, and that’s the last place you want to feel like you’re in when you walk into your bedroom. Soft warm light is going to be better for your eyes and make the room feel a little warmer. 

  1. A rug

Getting a rug is going to cover a majority of that tile so you can walk around barefoot without stepping on the freezing cold tile. Rugs also add some softness and texture, and you can get creative with a pop of color or a fun design.

  1. Pillows

Adding some fun throw pillows to your bed is going to make the room feel cozier, but it is definitely easy to go overboard here. Having one or two basic pillows for sleep and then a few fun throw pillows can make your bed look and feel extra cozy.

  1. Wall decor

Wall decor is a big outlet that you can express yourself through and you have so many options to hide those blank walls. Posters are a fun way to express your music or movie taste. Photos can also bring a little bit of home with you and are always nice to look back on. Personally, I printed a bunch of photos at Walgreens to add to my space. Art, be it your own or somebody else’s, adds a lot of flare and is a fun way to add color and design in your own personal style. A full-body mirror will always come in handy for those outfit checks!

  1. Plants

Plants are going to add life and color to your room. They’re great for the air and give you something to care for other than yourself. If you don’t trust yourself to take care of a plant, succulents and spider plants are some low-maintenance options and perfect for any busy college student.

  1. More fun options

Getting a fish (if you’re allowed) gave my roommate and I something to take care of together and helps with missing your pets at home. Fun bedding adds texture and pattern, and books are always a great sense of comfort and help you get away from the screen.

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Juliana Roy

U Maine '25

I am a first-year psychology major at the University of Maine. I love all different forms of art, fashion, crystals, animals, sushi, and reading!
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