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6 Halloween Movies That Are ACTUALLY Scary

Halloween is just a week away! If you’re looking for a little horror, here are some of the scariest movies to watch with a friend or to brave by yourself to really put you in the Halloween spirit! Cuddle up with some Halloween treats and enjoy these awesome movies. 


Don’t Breathe: This is easily one of the best horror movies to come out in recent years. With a mix of weird, scary, and bizarre twists, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.


Get Out: This movie is not only critically acclaimed and woke af, it’s crazy creepy. The characters are some of the best in horror movie history and this movie is sure to stay in you head for weeks to come.


IT: If you haven’t seen this box office hit yet, Halloween is the perfect time to watch it. This movie has plenty of heart-stoppers and scary part to make you jump, making it perfect for everyone! Plus creepy clowns are a Halloween essential.


Amityville Horror: This classic horror movie has a typical “family moves into a cheap house that has some sort of sinister history” scary movie plot, but that doesn’t mean it wont keep you up at night.


Sinister: This movie has it all; supernatural spirits, haunted house, mystery, and hair-raising scenes. It’s an eerie movie sure to provide some spine chilling scares making a great film to watch with your squad on Halloween.


Cabin in the Woods: This movie is perfect to watch at UMaine for Halloween. Five college kids head into the rural woods to discover horrendous monster and murders. This movie also has a truly unnerving ending sure to shock you, great for a spooky October night.


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Emma is a junior at the University of Maine at Orono. She double majors in sociology and political science and is minoring in law and legal studies. In her free time, Emma loves to go fishing, snowmobile, kayak, read, sew and explore the great state of Maine! Instagram: @empooler
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