6 Celebrities to Follow If You Love Twitter Rants

I'll admit it--Twitter rants are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I love scrolling down my timeline to find a celebrity going off about something that realistically, nobody else in the world cares about. Twitter is just a wonderful thing. 

Here are six celebrities you should follow if you totally love Twitter rants:

Kanye West - @KanyeWest

If you’ve even opened the Twitter app in the past week, you’ve probably seen at least one of Kanye’s rant tweets. Although Kanye is usually pretty vocal anyway, he’s really upped his Twitter game recently. (It all started with a rant directed at Wiz Khalifa. Here’s a quick breakdown.)

Kanye’s most recent tweets include some confusing statements about debt…? Like, as if he isn’t married to a woman who is the face of a video game app that makes $200 million a year. (It’s not all bad, though. He tweets inspirational stuff all the time, too!)

Hillary Clinton – @HillaryClinton

Hillary Clinton effing LOVES to tweet. Her Twitter feed is kind of a mix between Gossip Girl and Kanye West, because she numbers tweets in a rant like Kanye, but signs them off with an “-H” like Gossip Girl.

Tila Tequila - @AngelTilaLove

Tila Tequila has been on one recently. Her Twitter feed is basically a series of hypothetical sci-fi scenarios. Tila’s totally aware that her tweets are perceived as wacky. She recently tweeted “my ramblings on here are brushed off as ‘crazy’ to the normal humans, but there are decryptions in my messages for the spies.”

Yes. Same, actually. 

Nicki Minaj - @NickiMinaj

Nicki might not necessarily tweet long rants, but she is an absolute savage on Twitter. She’ll call out anyone for anything. (Not just on Twitter. Can I get a “Miley WHAT’S GOOD?”)

Last month, she called Adele “mad ratchet.” Hmmm.

Anyone who’s as prone to ruthless callouts as Nicki Minaj is must-follow for those with a guilty pleasure for Twitter drama.

Courtney Love Cobain - @Courtney

Courtney Love, as a human, is basically a walking Twitter rant. She’s been Twitter-ranting since before Twitter was even invented. Although she’s been relatively well-behaved on the social media platform lately, Love’s made headlines in the past for her cringe-worthy rants, so history is sure to repeat itself soon enough.  

Amanda Bynes - @AmandaBynes

Bynes hasn’t tweeted since Dec. 16, 2015, but she still has 3.49 million followers who are waiting for her next epic Twitter rant. (Although, nothing will ever top her infamous tweets about Drake.