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5 Thoughts You Have When Considering Studying Abroad

1. This is so cool!

When first learning about studying abroad and all the options that are available, you might be overcome with joy and wonder. You can go here and do this or go there and do that! All the booklets, websites, and flyers look so colorful and inviting, so much so you are just ready to dive right in. You leave feeling elated and watch as your inbox begins to fill with all the informative emails you just signed up for.


2. Where should I go?

It is so hard to choose. You can go somewhere that has options to advance your degree, or you could go somewhere else and decide to study something new for a chance. It all boils down to where you would feel most comfortable and feel like you could get the most out of the experience. You could possibly make a pros and cons list of very place you are considering and narrow it down from there.


3. I can’t do this!

Yes you can. It might be overwhelming at first, but when you start talking to the right people, they help you to understand it all. Talk to a few students that studied abroad and hear what they have to say. I have yet to hear any complaints! Your school offers so many resources to help you get a grasp on all the tough stuff like tuition and programs the other school offers to help you get more acquainted with your new surroundings.


4. I’ll miss my friends and family.

That definitely is a hard one. You are leaving your support system to travel to a new place where you don’t know anyone. It might sound scary, but think of all the new people you will meet and get to know. You will make new friends that will become your family for the semester. All your friends and family back home are just one phone call away. You will be having so much fun before you know it.


5. I need to stop procrastinating.

Yes you do. Studying abroad takes a lot of planning ahead and it is best to start as soon as possible so you do not miss your chance or any of the great deals they might have for scholarships. Not to mention the direct exchange spots fill up fast. Meet with your adviser and begin talking about if this is a good option for you. Good luck!


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I am in my third year at the University of Maine. I am originally from Ohio but the challenge of spotting the elusive moose brought me all the way up here. I do not regret my decision. I absolutely love it, and I even spotted a moose! Writing is a passion of mine and I cannot wait to share it all with everyone.
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