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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About This Homecoming Season

It’s that time of year again: Homecoming! Homecoming season is the part of the school year where you’re officially welcomed back (or just welcomed if you’re a first year) with a weekend full of tons of fun events, entertainment, sport games and most importantly: food and drinks. UMaine’s Homecoming this year takes place the weekend of October 14th-16th. Here are five reasons why Homecoming is worth attending.

1. Sports Games

Homecoming wouldn’t be the same without some competition. Field hockey and women’s ice hockey kick off this weekend when they battle University of Vermont and Merrimack College on Friday. The following day at, football goes head to head with Albany. Men’s hockey also challenges Quinnipiac University that same day. The stands will be busy with students waiting to show off their school spirit. Check out the rest of the game schedule online to cheer on your UMaine teams.


2. Food

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to eat a bunch of yummy food? Lots of tailgaters bring cars full of homecooked foods and the school usually offers free pizza. Not to mention the food tents at the football game! The craft fair sells delicious food made by locals. If you live off campus, homecoming is a great time to get your friends together and have a brunch at your apartment or house before the football game. Have each one of your friends bring one thing and you’ll have a mouth-watering feast!


3. Friends and family

A lot of parents and family members love to visit during this time because of all the events going on. Parents especially love the craft fair where lots of yummy foods and gifts are sold.  There’s also a chance to meet friends of friends who are visiting. It’s a great way to meet new people. So make sure to invite your friends or family if they’re looking to do something that weekend.


4. Tailgating

Even though you can tailgate for every game, tailgating on homecoming weekend is a little bit more special. More people come because of the events so tailgating is even more fun.


5. Alumni

People who have graduated from UMaine visit to remember their memorable years here! It’s a great time to listen to college stories from years ago!

So this Homecoming season, make sure you make the most of it. There’s only one per year, so chow down as many pizza slices as you can, attend every game, show your biggest school spirit, but most of all have fun and enjoy it! Hope to see everyone the weekend of October 14th!

Monica is a second year Communication major. She's looking into minoring in Business Marketing. She's from Freeport, Maine. She loves going to new places, the beach and hanging out with friends.
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