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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful You’re in College

Sure, college is stressful and exhausting. Taking out loans, being starving 24/7, getting drowned in homework and exams, but hey, we’re all here for a reason right? To have fun and most importantly, get a degree. Here are 11 reasons why you should be thankful you’re in college when you’re under stress. 

1. Lifelong friends

People say college friends are friends for life!

2. Parties

Of course this had to be on the list! College is full parties where you meet new people, get to socialize and is the only place you can dance like a crazy person at a frat.

3. Learning experiences

College is full of ups and downs and new experiences.

4 Pursuing your major/minor

In high school, you couldn’t really choose what you wanted to learn about, but college gives you the opportunity to learn about what you want and pursue that career.

5. Freedom/independence

 What more can I say?

6. Extracurriculars

 Joining clubs allow you to fulfill a hobby and passion while meeting people who feel the same!

7. Greek life

 A lot of people meet lifelong friends when they join Greek life and it feels good to be a part of something!

8. School spirit/ sports events

Where else can you scream for your fellow student athletes?

9. Great professors

Often times, professors in college are more than just teachers. 

10. Study abroad

College gives you this amazing opportunity to explore the world and learn about different cultures.

11. Being away from your parents

Although you love and respect your parents, living with them as a young adult can be a little stressful. College allows you to fly from the nest and learn how to be on your own.

They don’t say college is the best four years of your life for nothing!


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Monica is a second year Communication major. She's looking into minoring in Business Marketing. She's from Freeport, Maine. She loves going to new places, the beach and hanging out with friends.
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