10 Reasons We Hate the First Exam Week

It seems like this time of the semester is when everyone starts having their first exams in their classes.  It’s the fourth week in, we’ve all just settled in and gotten used to our new place (or used to college in general), clubs have started up again, sorority recruitment happened, and its time to hit the books.  Except, maybe its not? You spent syllabus week (and the first two weeks after) hitting the bars, showing up to all the fraternity parties and rush events, blowing your money on going out to eat, etc.  Maybe you just were getting accustomed to the somewhat easy workload that the beginning of the semester brings, and binge-watched a little too much Netflix without studying.  Now you find yourself cramming for that exam.  Here at UMaine, we black bears can relate to a few things when it’s the first exam week of the year.


1. Fogler is packed with freshmen and random people that you swear have never seen the inside of the library before.


2. Not to mention, why is Fogler about 100 degrees? You cant even sit down without sweating.

3. There’s no eating in the library.

4. The printing lines are ridiculous.

5. Its no longer syllabus week, but dollar wells and the Bear Brew are calling.

6. OHOP 2 for 1 is only once a week.

7. You’re just feeling settled into the new school year, but now its time to crack down.

8. You maybe still don’t have all your textbooks yet (or weren’t planning on getting them).

9. The weather won’t be nice out much longer, but you can’t enjoy it.

10.  There’s so many fun fall activities to do and you can’t procrastinate any longer (but if you want to put off studying more, check out our list of 5 fun fall things to do this weekend here: http://www.hercampus.com/school/u-maine/5-fun-fall-activities-do-weekend ).

Happy studying!