YouTube Channels Worth Your Watch

YouTube seemed to fill our middle school days with silly parodies of our favorite pop songs and post-wisdom teeth surgery vids (you didn’t grow up on planet earth if you’re not familiar with David after Dentist). Our taste while browsing YouTube has become a bit more sophisticated now that we’re in college, and the ladies at Her Campus Iowa are here to give you some of our suggestions!


Jaclyn Hill

“[Jaclyn] is a beauty YouTuber who posts amazing tutorials and looks inside her glamorous life! She's super down to earth and easy to relate to, so it definitely makes her worth watching!” –Liz Warner

Manny MUA

“[Manny] is a male makeup artist who does makeup better than most female beauty gurus out there. He is hilarious, and you never know what you are going to get with him (in a good way).” –Kat Schaaf

Casey Holmes

“Her channel is very positive, and she really knows what she is talking about. I love her personality, and her videos are simple, educational and fun.” –Kat Schaaf

Sketch Comedy


You can never really go wrong Buzzfeed. Featuring Buzzfeed favorites like Zach and Justin and Ashly and Quinta, this channel is meant to provide short, relatable (and hilarious!) videos.

Just Between Us

Best friends Gaby and Allison might look familiar, as they originated from Buzzfeed. They produce a Q&A video every Monday and a scripted sketch every Friday, both of which will have you relating their dysfunctional relationship to you and your own best friend. Are you a Gaby or an Allison?


I have been watching thecomputernerd01 since middle school, and his videos still hold up the test of time. Josh Chomik and his friends are the epitome of random with their adventures in their New Jersey neighborhood and beyond.


George Benson Vlogs

“He travels to really interesting places and has a great sense of humor, which is always fun to watch.” –Emma Stewart

David Dobrik

Originating on Vine, David has made a ton of success by doing outrageous things on film. I’m most drawn to his vlogs to watch the puns he and his fellow YouTuber girlfriend, Liza Koshy, come up with when they go to Target.

Forestry Films

If you are at all a sucker for weddings, this is the channel for you. The weddings this company shoots are absolutely beautiful, often taking place in nature-y locales. Plus, hearing the story of how two people came together or what they love about each other is just too good not to watch.


Leroy Sanchez

If you haven’t yet heard about Leroy, PLEASE go watch any one of his covers, and you will be amazed. His adorable Spanish accent combined with his impeccable falsetto make for some pretty incredible ones. And be on the lookout for original music coming soon!

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt is a pretty widely-viewed cover artist and for good reason. As UIowa Contributor Ridhima Jagtap says, “He’s amazing!” He does a lot of collabs with other musicians, which only widen his audience.


Discovered on The Sing-Off, this a cappella group has absolutely taken the world by storm. It’s so nice to see an a cappella group so successful, and anyone who watched their beautifully haunting covers can see why.



“[Weylie] is extremely humble and honest and is a strong advocate for female empowerment. She is the living definition of resilience and breaking out of the typical Asian career path, which makes her one of my personal role models. Her makeup reviews are brutally honest…,[and] she is also not afraid to talk about more sensitive issues like depression, how to put in a tampon [or] dealing with rejection…She is definitely someone you need to check out.” –Christina Hui

Jeanine Amapola

“She’s perfect. I absolutely love Jeanine because not only [is she] extremely educated on all things beauty, fashion and fitness but [she is a] Christian as well, and [her] courage with not being afraid to proclaim [her] faith on the internet is really inspiring!” –Hannah Zepeda

Claudia Sulewski

“Claudia Sulewski is such an inspiration to me and for all young women because of how genuine, caring, creative and hardworking she is. I've watched her videos since I was 13 years old, and it's been so cool watching how a Midwestern girl made a name for herself and now lives in LA as a creator and actor.” –Rachel McCracken


“[Katy] has great videos about beauty, fashion and life advice. She also has a great aesthetic appeal with her videos, and they are super creative and fun to watch!” –Hayden Means


We just had to throw in the channel of one of our very own, Hannah Zepeda (Here at HC UIowa, we love to build each other up)! She has a variety of videos, from makeup tutorials to personal stories. Keep doing you, HanBan. We <3 ya!

Us ladies here at Her Campus Iowa hope you’ve found some new and worthy YouTube channels to check out! And what a perfect excuse for procrastination right around finals week…