You're Starting a New Job or Internship: Here's What to Wear

You may be starting your new job or internship soon, and you may be thinking: how am I supposed to transition from wearing leggings and sweatshirts to class to dressing business casual everyday of the work week? 

Transition can be hard, but dressing for success doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some tips and inspiration for job and internship that will cause everyone to have serious style envy at the office.

1. Start with the basics. The key to looking chic and staying comfy at your job or internship lies in the pieces you choose to buy or pieces you may already even own. The best way to have many look options is to have basics that you can pair with not-so basics. For example, if you have a black skirt, you have endless options for tops and/or jacket pairings. If you have a pair of black dress pants, you can easily pair them with any top. Starting from the basics and working your way up is important. As your job or internship progresses, you can slowly build up your collection; eventually you’ll be the chicest one in the office! Here's an example:

2. Make sure it’s work-appropriate. Depending on the work environment, you may have to dress in business or business-casual, or they may let you even dress casually. Dress professionally at first, and pay attention to everyone else to get a feel about the dress code.

3. You don’t have to sacrifice style when dressing for work or your internship. There are so many work-appropriate looks out there; as mentioned, you can pair basics with not-so-basic pieces to make your outfit stand out, but in a good way.

Here are some seriously inspirational looks!


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