Your University of Iowa Pre-Graduation Bucket List

  1. Go to all the bars you’ve never been inside of but pass practically every weekend when you’re heading to Spo Co or Brothers. You never know, Dublin could turn out to be your new favorite hideaway, and Deadwood supposedly has great Bloody Marys (pictured below, courtesy of Little Village Magazine).
  2. Eat out at those restaurants you’ve always wanted to check off your list…for real. We all have that place that we say we “wanna eat there” every time we pass it, but never actually do. Now is one of your last chances…go for it!
  3. Eat at Marco’s Grilled Cheese or one of the food trucks in the Ped Mall after bar close. What’s better than a gooey grilled cheese or gyro after a night full of fun and dancing?
  4. Take advantage of the endless patio seating downtown Iowa City has to offer. Take a break, soak up the sun and grab a snack or drinks outside on one of the many amazing patios Iowa City’s bars and restaurants.
  5. Climb the rock wall at the Rec Center.
  6. Attend a few last sporting events. Even if it’s not football or basketball, Iowa sports are always fun to watch; catch a baseball or softball game.
  7. Go knock on your old dorm door with your freshman roommate(s). See what it looks like now and who lives there. Don’t forget to snap a pic!
  8. Kiss someone on the Old Capitol steps. I know this one is a little nerdy, but I’ve always wanted to do this one with a crush or boyfriend.
  9. Step foot on a part of campus that you never have but always wanted to. Always wanted to study at Art Building West? DO IT!
  10. Visit and thank your favorite professors one last time. Let them know how big of an impact they made on your life and education. They will appreciate it more than you know.
  11. Thank your friends and family who have helped you along the way. College can get tough, but your support system makes it easier; show your gratitude!
  12. Perfect your resume by taking advantage of the Pomerantz Career Center. Free services like this will only be available to you for a limited amount of time; use them wisely and seek smart career advice while they’re still available to you.
  13. Take plenty of pictures.
  14. If possible, plan an after-graduation road trip. A road trip with your friends is a must for all twenty-somethings. Now is the perfect time to explore.
  15. Use the heck out of your student discount privileges. Only a few more months until you can’t get 20% off at your favorite stores just for being in college.
  16. Participate in one of the (in)famous karaoke nights with your besties. Blue Moose, Bo James and Mondos all host karaoke nights that are sure to be a blast.
  17. Go on a bar crawl.
  18. Spend as much time as possible with your college friends. The thought is depressing, but the reality is, you may not know when you will see them next after graduation. Cherish the time you have now.
  19. Try not to stress yourself out too much about your future. Not everyone has their stuff figured out right now.
  20. HAVE FUN and enjoy your last few weeks as an official Hawkeye undergrad!


Photos: Cover, 12, 3 via University of Iowa, 4, 5 via Shutterstock Photo