Your Guide to March Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again. March is a season where cold weather lingers just as our hearts linger for something new - that something being warmer climates and more sunshine. However, while we wait for better days oftentimes our spaces become the center of our clutter as we’ve all become hermits in the winter months. But how do you do spring cleaning before spring really comes? Get better prepared for the new season with a new you, including your space by following these guidelines.

Finding where to start

The best place to start is where you least want to go. Just like homework, it is easiest to work on what you want to do least, so it only gets easier from there and the hard part gets over with. If you get the hard work over with first, the fun can soon begin, so tackle your most resistant projects first, and start with what you want to do least. 

This strategy also forces you to realize the necessity of cleaning and how having a clean space impacts you. It not only clears up your to-do list, but it is great for your mental space as much as your physical one. So start somewhere and soon you’ll have someplace to go with your mess. Be sure, however, when working on such projects that you're careful not to get too distracted no matter how much there is to do.  

Avoiding Distractions

When cleaning, it’s easy to get distracted. But if you want a clean space, it is important to remain focused and efficient. By distracting your winter woes for a while with cleaning, not only are you able to declutter, but you also work through the March season with something to look forward to. You are building better life skills and habits in the process. So, it is important to remember that the only way to speed up the process of hard work is to avoid distractions.

If you are trying to decide what to keep or get rid of from the past, like an old memorable yearbook or sweater you don’t wear, give yourself the five second rule. This rule helps you make decisions, if after five seconds the item doesn’t spark some need or you haven’t worn the item in a long time, then it’s time to get rid of it. This also saves you time spent looking through things that would stop you in your cleaning tracks when you remain goal oriented in your pursuits for a cleaner space.


Be sure while cleaning in this season to minimize what you have, compared to what you actually need. Like minimalism - in a less extreme practice - clearing out junk you don’t need, even if you don’t necessarily have to get rid of it, you can clear your mind as much as the space and will make your place feel fresher, newer and more manageable. This doesn’t mean you need to declutter all items you love like certain decorations; however, sometimes clearing out can be a chance to start new. So consider clearing more than just the usual sweep up and do a deep clean of your space.

Helping Hands 

Something to consider about spring cleaning before spring has even arrived is that you might need help from other people. Usually, it can be helpful to have others lend a hand, but be careful not to force people to help you clean your space. Sometimes independent cleaning can give you a chance for therapeutic release, be that getting rid of an ex’s sweatshirt or just having a better sense of the vision of your space. Having others help might actually make it harder to do. In these winter months, being cooped up inside leaves you little space to let out your energy, but accomplishing spring cleaning early can give you the fresh start you are looking for.

If you still feel overwhelmed, feel free to get help, but assign tasks accordingly and don’t be mad by how they get done. If it’s not up to your liking, appreciate the help that's given. Something else to consider when cleaning in March, be sure you still clean while it is spring as well. Just like any space, it will be messy again, so don’t think the decluttering is over just because you’ve done a massive haul before the snow has fully melted.


It is easy to make excuses and put it off, but when you’re done with your spring-cleaning haul, you’ll feel incredible, like you have a fresh space and a fresh new you. It will be less taxing to do it again in the later months of spring as well if you’ve done the hard part now in March. Before you know it, the snow will melt and the summer will come, and you’ll be glad you got your space and self in order.

Whatever you decide, and whenever you clean, be sure to remember to be proud of yourself and the work you’ve done, have some fun and do something for you. It’ll put a spring in your step, and before you know it, spring will come. March into the spring with dreams of a fresher start one cleaning session at a time. 

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