You Know You're Addicted to Coffee When...

  1. The first thing you think about when you open your eyes is that first, steamy, hot sip of fresh coffee.
  2. You can't start your day without even a sip of coffee.
  3. You are willing to consume coffee in any form.
  4. You get an intense caffeine headache if you don’t drink enough throughout the day.
  5. You spend more money on coffee monthly than you do on your monthly utilities.
  6. You regularly bring up the idea of coffee in an IV form to your friends, family and fellow co-workers.
  7. You’d rather not talk or interact with any other human until you’ve had your coffee.
  8. People notice when you have (or haven’t) had your coffee.
  9. Your friends know that bringing you coffee will make your day.
  10. Coffee dates. Always.
  11. You think you look more photogenic with a Starbucks cup in your hand.
  12. The barista knows your order and name by heart.
  13. People don’t understand why you drink so many cups of coffee in a day, but then they are really impressed by how much caffeine you actually consume in a day, every day.
  14. You own how much coffee you consume, and you’re proud of it.
  15. When someone judges you for your coffee addiction, you hit them with the ~facts~ about how healthy coffee is for you.
  16. You’re fully aware of your addiction, but hey, It could be worse, right?!


Photos: Cover123