Winter Break: Expectation vs. Reality

We all have the picture perfect idea of what our winter break will look like. It might consist of doing our favorite winter activities such as ice-skating, baking, and hanging out with our high school friends that we rarely see since going off to college. For others, it might consist of a whole lot of Netflix and binge eating. Either way, we have this picture in our minds of what seems to be the perfect way of spending a month long break away from school and the stress that comes along with it. But we all know break never goes as we expect it to. Here are some winter break expectations and their realities that you might have experienced...

Expectation: Baking all of the recent holiday Pinterest recipes you’ve pinned on your “delicious” board.

Reality: Eating whatever you can find in your kitchen because you’re just too lazy.

Expectation: Hanging out with your high school friends that you haven’t seen in five months.

Reality: Making plans to hang out, but instead you say something came up and reschedule, even though you’re just planning on sleeping the day away.

Expectation: Being free of any and all responsibility.

Reality: Your parents give you a list of things to accomplish during the day since you have nothing else to do. Oh! And your old boss schedules you for an 8-hour shift five days a week.

Expectation: Going ice-skating, so you can make the most of winter.

Reality: You end up going, but decide to leave after 20 minutes because you’ve already fallen eight times, and you decide you'll probably get frost bite soon.

Expectation: Setting your New Year's resolutions and ACTUALLY following through with them.

Reality: Well, that lasted a couple of days, but maybe next year!

Expectation: Watching Netflix for hours upon hours at a time.

Reality: Watching Netflix for hours upon hours at a time.

Whether winter break is the time to get your life together or just to relax and do absolutely nothing, these four weeks are the best time to become sane again before entering into second semester. Until next year winter break, you will be missed.


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