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Why You’re Single And FABULOUS!

Since the world began spinning, being “single” has been seen as the evil stepsister, the sock without a pair and just about every other undesirable concept known to womankind. We’re supposed to feel bad or embarrassed to declare our status as “single” because it apparently makes us incomplete? Or that we are to be pitied as we wallow in self-despair? Well, I say f**k them . . . kindly, of course.

I am single, proud and absolutely FABULOUS! And the same goes for every other girl out there who currently runs free (honestly, all women, single or not). We aren’t hiding in our bedrooms. We aren’t waiting for Prince Charming. We aren’t miserable. And we certainly don’t need anyone to hold our hand.



As we maneuver our way in a world that puts so much value on someone’s relationship status, we must all remember that the most important relationship we will EVER have is with ourselves. So, embrace who you are and learn to fall in love with that beautiful person in the mirror. Try to realize just how wonderful it is to be single instead of treating it as a quick pit stop. In fact, if one does it right, being single can be a fantastic lifestyle. How? Well, who’s a better soulmate than the amazing and powerful woman in your reflection?



Being single is the time to be alive and to truly find out who you are! Start putting your needs first and foremost by treating yourself to a solo date or by aspiring to learn what you like and don’t like. The time you have to be with yourself, and to depend solely on your own abilities, is an opportunity to really unearth what makes you, YOU . . . and to fall head-over-heels. Create a bucket list, find a new favorite movie, discover a skill you never knew you had and open your eyes to the fact that being single is one of the best adventures you will ever have.



Finally, in case you are still questioning your single status–or maybe even your worth–remember what Carrie Bradshaw said: “Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” So, stop letting boys be mean to you, recognize just how freaking amazing you are, start loving your life, dedicate time to your girlfriends and continue to be single and absolutely FABULOUS!



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