Why You Should Take a Dance Class Even if You Are Not a Dancer

Growing up, I always wanted to learn how to dance. A lot of the other girls in my class had been in dance for years, performed and even created routines for our high school during homecoming. I was envious of their talent, confidence and their ability to demand attention without fear.

I was unaware that I was capable of all of those same things. I just had to be willing to try and put myself out there. College is meant to help you grow, so why not take a chance on dance and grow in a new way? I am a freshman and so far I have taken the course Modern Dance and Tap. I do not plan to get a degree in dance, I just do it because I want to. Through my experience, I have learned a lot and now I want to tell you why you should take dance even if you do not consider yourself a dancer.

Teaches You the Basics

Dance classes are a great way to learn different forms of dance and the techniques you need to use. The great thing about learning the basics is that your growth does not have to stop there. You can take those basics and create something of your own. That is what truly makes a dancer, well, a dancer.

Learning the basics also teaches you that you are not going to be perfect. Some moves will be harder for you than others. People around you may catch on to a routine faster than you, but it is okay. Do not freak out. Struggling, making mistakes and improving are all part of the growing process.

You Meet New People

Especially when dance is not your major, you meet a lot of people that you never see in your normal classes. It is nice to talk with people who are similar to you and like the same things, but it is also nice to get a fresh perspective and learn from people who are different than you.

Dance is also a way to make new friends. Unlike in some other classes, you actually talk to the people you are in class with and learn to become friends with some of those people. You watch, learn and help one another as you go. Even if you do not become super great friends with some of the people in your class, it is always nice to have a familiar face on campus.

Create a Better Sense of Self

Dance class really allows you to see yourself in a new light. You notice your slight movements, your breathing, the tension in your muscles and how you hold yourself. You would think that looking in a mirror 24/7 would make you full of yourself. In class, it is the opposite. You critique yourself, but not on your appearance. Rather, you are looking at movements and how you contribute to the class as a whole. I think that this is a really cool aspect of dance I had never thought of before. The people within your class show you what it means to be a part of something more than just yourself.

You Find Your Confidence

When I first started taking dance class, I was nervous and timid. I was afraid to mess up and I was constantly watching other people. I did not trust myself enough to just look in the mirror and focus on me. My teachers encouraged me to look up, to stop noticing what people are doing, and become confident in what I was doing. If you are someone like me who may be a little shyer, do not use that as an excuse not to do dance. The worst thing I have ever had to endure was performing for the class in smaller groups. Trust me, it is easy and it helps you become more confident and sure of yourself. Confidence is an important aspect in today’s world. This is something that can be directly applied from dance. It is important to know how to carry yourself and take up space in a room. Especially when you are doing a presentation in a large place, it is nice to know how your presence can fill the room.

There are so many benefits to taking a dance class besides the ones I talked about. You will just have to go discover them for yourself! Dance is exciting and can give you a break from some of those heavy schedules. Do not let the fear of failing keep you from enjoying some of the things worth participating in. Just think, you can only grow from a new experience.


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