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Why I Don’t Go Out Every Weekend And Why That’s Okay

My biggest disappointment with college so far is that your social life is centered around going out to the bars. As a college student, people simply expect you to go crazy and drink every weekend because of the cliches of people saying things like “this is your time, you’re young and in college!” or “this is the only time that its acceptable to go out every weekend, you’ll regret it if you don’t!”…But why? Why should students be expected to go out and get drunk? Just because college is the time to go out, it doesn’t mean that you should feel guilty for NOT going out. Here are some of the reason why I choose NOT to go out every weekend and why that is okay.

1. Money

I simply refuse to spend two dollars on a horribly mixed drink that is 70% vodka and 30% lemonade. Not only does it taste horrible, but it will take about three of those to make you feel anything (keep in mind these cups are pretty small). So, this can go two ways, you either spend six or more dollars in hope that you get that drunk feeling or you waste a few bucks because you can’t stand the taste of your drink. I personally would rather save up on a new outfit, or even put it towards a vacation fund than waste money on drinks. Two dollars may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up when you go out every weekend! On top of that, a drink at dinner can be anywhere from four to ten dollars. Yikes, I’d rather eat more food!

2. Sickness

Every time I go out, I seem to get sick. I’ll admit it, I’m a puker. Not only do I feel horrible right when I get home, but the next day I feel like my worst self. No matter how little or how much I drink, my stomach will always be in so much pain the next day. Not only do I think that it isn’t worth the feeling of being drunk, but it just goes back to your health. It’s not healthy to feel that way after drinking and I know that when I go out that I am hurting my body. Alcohol and me= not a good time.

3. Weight

Not only will you feel horrible the next day with a hangover, a headache and the constant feeling of wanting to throw up, but you also gain so much weight from drinking! Hundreds of calories can be in just one shot of alcohol. If you get a liquor pitcher, it will most likely consist of at least 3-5 shots in it which can mean up to 1,000 calories in just liquor. This doesn’t include the rest of the drink that is mixed in it. My personal health is much more important to me than going out and drinking. One of my worst fears is someone looking at me and thinking “wow, she’s really gained some weight.” I guess what I’m trying to say here is, drinking is just not worth the weight gain.

4. Social Life

I hate that college is centered around going out. In order to make friends (at least from what I’ve found) it seems like you must go out to get close with anyone. Why is it that way? I am looking for life long friends who will be with me when going out isn’t an option anymore. When I have kids or I am 40 years old, I most likely won’t be going out every weekend. I want a friendship that will last beyond getting drunk together. Friendships shouldn’t have to be based on “remember that one time I threw up on your shoes?” For once, I would love to meet someone and form a friendship that isn’t based on alcohol or the need to go out. After all, after college going out really isn’t too much of a thing.

5. Age

Here’s another huge thing: age! I’m not even 21 yet. Yes, I could go out and drink at the bar and stay past 10 p.m. if I chose to, but why? Is it worth the risk? I’ve seen so many people who have gotten stopped by the cops and are crying and they always tell me it wasn’t worth it. With my luck, I would be one of those people who got stopped for drinking underage in a bar. Not only is the risk not worth it, but it stays on your record. Every time you go for a job interview, they will know that you were one who enjoyed night life. That isn’t a bad thing, but the fact that you weren’t responsible or followed the rules is something you don’t want employers to know.

I’ll backtrack here a little. I am NOT against the people who go out. It can be super fun, just in moderation and done right. There is a way to let loose and have fun, but there’s also a way to do it without risking your future. Next time someone says they don’t go out much, don’t think they are lame or don’t know how to have fun, keep in mind everyone is different. College is all about school, anyway! 

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My name is Claudia Jannes, and I am a junior at the University of Iowa! I am a English and creative writing major in hopes to become a high school English teacher. I am thankful for her campus for giving me a voice on campus and on the internet!
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