What Your Favorite Iowa City Bar Says About You

The University of Iowa is known for its lively night life. Hawkeyes are constantly ranked high on "best party school lists" that come out every year, and rightfully so. Besides tailgates and frat parties, we have a kick ass bar scene. It's what sets us apart from our rival Cyclones and other Big 10 schools. All of the bars here in Iowa City have a different feel, and with so many to choose from, you're destined to be loyal to one and play favorites. Your favorite can say a lot about you and your partying habits.

The Summit 

You love being where everyone is at because you are a social butterfly. Everyone loves to be around you because of your charisma... and your willingness to open a tab and buy all your friends shots (and regret it the next morning). Let’s put it this way: you have major #FOMO. Your friends want to go to another bar, but you’re always like, “But everyone is at Summit.”

The Airliner 

Loud, annoying drunk crowds are not your thing. Instead, you can be found on a bar stool at The Airliner on most nights. You rather have a more intimate, yet fun, setting to black out in with your closest friends and enjoy good tunes with cheap drinks. It’s basically your second home, and you will forever be loyal to your beloved Airliner. 

The Fieldhouse 

You are nostalgic and live for the throwbacks. All of the songs on your playlist are the “oldies,” anything from classic Lil Wayne to Brittany Spears, you got it all. You try playing these gems at the pregame, but you get the aux pulled from a dude who plays "Broccoli" for the 4th time. At Fieldhouse, no aux cord is needed because the throwbacks keep coming and your nostalgic self keeps thriving. 


Sports and beer is all you need for a good night out. You are a die hard sports fan, and if it so happens that your team is playing on a Friday night, you know where you’re hitting up. You’re likely an honorary “bro” and hate drama, which is why you’re always hanging out with the guys at DC’s going beer for beer with them like the champ you are. 

The Union 

If this is your favorite Iowa City bar, chances are you are a freshman (or you need to revalutate your life). You love to rage your face off and grind to obnoxious EDM music with a guy you didn't realize was in your 8 a.m. It's shot after shot until you blackout and wake up the next morning with your head over the toliet in your dorm's communal bathroom. But, you still plan on doing it all over again next weekend.

No matter what bar is your favorite, you still love and stumble out of all of them one night or another throughout your four years here (or six, depending on how much you go out). Drink responsibly and be safe, collegiettes!


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