What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to take a step back, evaluate all the good things in your life, and take a moment to appreciate all these wonderful things. I personally like looking at the smaller joys because these aspects of my life do not typically get the appreciation they deserve until I am sitting at the dinner table and my grandma asks “what are you thankful for?”

I’m thankful for the Dunkin employees who not only make my coffee every morning, but who also take the time to make me laugh while I’m waiting for my drink. This simple act of kindness in the mornings makes my day so much more enjoyable. There really is nothing better than knowing the people who make your coffee every morning because of how essential they are in making my day go from good to better. 

I’m thankful for the simple compliments people casually say like what they’re saying is obvious, but it’s still nice to hear aloud because it’s easy to forget. Compliments like “you look great today” and “you are so nice,” to name a few, always make my insides feel fuzzy and I appreciate those who just say these things like it’s no big deal even though it means so much to me. I'm thankful for others giving compliments, but I'm also thankful for the compliments I give others and seeing the way they light up from because of what I've said. It's so easy to change someone's day just by saying what you were already thinking. 

I’m thankful for phone calls with my mom as I’m walking to class and the way she makes me feel like I never left home. I am so thankful for the way my mom is not just my mom, but my best friend as well. I have always been thankful for my mom as she has done so much in raising me into the woman I am today, but I've come to appreciate her so much more since I went away for college. I'm thankful for how much closer we have become and how much trust and love with put into each other. I do not know who I would be without my mother, so I am thankful for her this Thanksgiving season. 

I’m thankful for fall scented candles. I’m thankful for people already listening to Christmas music. I’m thankful for bad reality TV that makes me laugh harder than anything else. I’m thankful for my friends who watch the funny videos I send them, no matter how many I send. I'm thankful for the snow being plowed when it snows. I'm thankful for the bus coming on time and being warm. I'm thankful for the climate strike activists making a difference in how we treat our planet every day. I'm thankful 

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving for giving me the opportunity and reminder to think about what I’m thankful for. Now, what are you thankful for?

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