Wearing Euphoria Makeup on Campus for a Week

I've never been a big makeup girl. I slap on a little bit of foundation and mascara in the morning, but it never takes me more than ~6 minutes to get ready to go. It's just never seemed all that interesting to me. That is, until I watched Euphoria on HBO. The show hit me with a crippling desire to be as much like the characters-- Rue, Jules, Cassie, Maddy, etc-- as I could, and makeup seemed like one way I could channel my inner Euphorian. So, as a makeup novice, I decided to embark on a week long journey of testing the waters. I splurged on a bunch of makeup I might never wear again, and I wore Euphoria makeup around campus for a week. 

Day 1: Tuesday

Difficulty: 5/10, 15 minutes

Products used: Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in shade Mist Me?, star eyeliner stamp off of Amazon

Reaction: I wanted to start off with something easy and a little bit more calm so as not to scare all of my classmates, so I went with a light purple eyeliner and some fun star stamps next to each of my eyes. It was super easy to do, and I felt like I looked like I was on my way to a party or concert rather than Elements of Art. Every person I ran into commented on this look, but in a good way! It was like people were excited to see me trying something new and stepping out of my comfort zone. 10/10 this look had me feeling myself for a Tuesday afternoon. 

Day 2: Wednesday

Difficulty: 8/10, 25 minutes

Products used: NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette, Too Faced Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner

Reaction: So Wednesday's are my busiest day of the week. I had to wake up bright and early at 9am to get this look finished before class, and I wore it until almost 8pm. I thought the pink would make me look like a crazy person, but I actually loved the vibrancy of this eyeshadow. It was incredibly easy to put on, and the color built up really quickly. One thing that surprised me was how long it lasted. This look definitely felt way too intense for school, but all of my friends kept hyping me up and saying it looked great. I had a meeting with a professor, and he seemed noticeably distracted by the stars exploding out of my eyes.

Day 3: Thursday

Difficulty: 8/10, 20 minutes

Products used: Stilla Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Diamond Dust, NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette, self adhesive gems off of Amazon

Reaction: This look felt a little less weird than the first two because I did it before I hit the bars with some friends Thursday night. It still felt like a bit much, but at least it matched the vibe. I was inspired by a Tana Mongeau instagram post for this look, and I loved the contrast of the glitter with the bright blue inner corners. I topped the look off with some eyebrow studs in true Maddy from Euphoria fashion. Let me tell you, this look was a hit with all the friendly girls that live in bar bathrooms. I got so many compliments, I felt like a superstar. The gems fell off pretty quickly, but the rest of the look lasted all night long!

Day 4: Friday

Difficulty: 9/10, 40 minutes

Products used: Stilla Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Diamond Dust, black eyeshadow from my Tarte palette 

Reaction: This was my favorite look BY FAR. I didn't receive nearly as many compliments on it, but I think it's because it was a bit more grungey and agressive. I was inspired by Rue's glitter tears from the carnival in Euphoria. I wore this look to an EDM show at Gabe's, so it definitely fit the environment a lot more than it would have in class. However, I struggled to get this look on. I had to mix the glitter was water to get it to run down my cheeks, and smudging out the black around my eyes was also a struggle. But overall, I felt like a total badass. 

Day 5: Saturday

Difficulty: 6/10

Products used: L'Oréal Infallible Paints in Jet Set Blond

Reaction: Last but not least, I whipped out the Euphoria make up for game day. Actually, in all honesty, this was my least favorite look. I channelled Jules for this one, aka the reason for the no mascara look. It left me feeling a bit bare and not so cute, but it was still fun. The white didn't last too long, but the gold stayed on all day. I'd say this fit in pretty well with the rest of the game day looks I saw out and about. It didn't attract as much attention as the previous looks. 


Overall, I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone this week. I felt like I looked way more cool than I usually do, and it was a super fun way to make my usual outfits a lot more exciting. It's rare that I incorporate color into my day-to-day style, so this was a great way to spice up a plain black on black outfit. While I might not do Euphoria makeup every day after this, I'm definitely going to keep all of these products so I can whip them back out as needed. You might as well call me Jules because I'm going to be way more colorful from here on out ;)