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Ways to Revamp Your Life and Style For Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and what better way is there to welcome it with something new? If winter got you feeling a little bit down, Her Campus is here to change up your routine and give you the pep back in your step.


1.     Consider a New Hairstyle

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for awhile, maybe it’s time to change things up! Ask your hairstylist what she thinks, or even give her the freedom to do what she thinks is best with your hair. They always say a girl who changes her hair is about to change her life. So why not?


2.     Buy yourself a new pair of tennis shoes.

Are your running shoes a little big bent out of shape? Maybe it’s time for a new pair! Not only would a new pair of sneaks do your feet some good, but it could boost your workout motivation.

3.     Treat yourself!

Call up your friends and family for a night out! Studying for mid-terms, working, and keeping up with homework is a lot on your mind. So surround yourself with those you love, go eat some good food, and allow yourself not to think so much for a little while. The time away from studies will give your mind time to refresh, so you can return to homework with a clearer mind.


4. Splure On Your Favorite Spring- Must- Haves

Are tanks your must have for spring and summer? Do you have a favorite pair of running shorts you wore so much last summer it’s probably time for a new pair? Make a list, and then shop around online for them.


5.     Have FUN and DON’T FORGET Summer is Around the Corner

It’s the end of the college semester and you’re about to be done with the year! Breathe. Relax. Try the above things on this list, but this is the most important. Don’t forget summer is right around the corner, and Spring is here. Have fun!



My name is Megan Deist. I am a writer for HerCampus majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and International Relations at the University of Iowa. Go Hawks!
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