Valentine's Day Hair Secrets

Valentine’s Day Hair Secrets

So you got your outfit ready, date night plans, and you are counting down to the big day but there is one small detail left-your hair. This is the moment all of your plans go to shambles, when you try to figure out how to tame your mane. However, just in time our friends at Garnier Fructis can help us out. Her Campus-UIowa just got a bunch of samples that we tried out just for you. Here are our tips!

Want it Straight?

Garnier Fructis has a whole line of products to help you get the perfect blow-out. There is a Sleek and Shine Straightening Balm that helps protect your hair and keep it straight. Just coat your wet hair with this and then take out the blow dryer. Your hair will come out super straight and ready for that roamantic date.

Curly Q

Now if you have naturally curly hair and want to get them under control the curl definition line is right for you. The products help keep your curls moisturized in order to reduce frizz. The holding gel and mousse increases the tightness of the curl in order to make them hold up without falling flat. If you want high volume curls this is the way to go!

Switching it Up

If you want to change things up for V-day and surprise your significant other Garnier Fructis also offers a wonderful line of hair color that is all ammonia free. The conditioners and products leave your hair feeling great and without the stench of other dyes (our editor had been using this color forever and is addicted).

So ultimately no matter which way you want your hair Garnier Fructis offers a wide variety of product to make your Valentine’s Day an amazing hair day.