The Ultimate Movie List For A Girls' Night In

Are you planning a girl’s night in? Stuck on what to watch while you all snuggle up in your pajamas in front of the TV? Worry not because I’ve created the ultimate movie list for a girl’s night in. It’s a mix of chick flicks and Disney (because you can never go wrong with Disney). There are plenty to choose from, so start scrolling!

1. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson, who plays Andie Anderson, an aspiring writer assigned to write an article called "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days," for her magazine column. Matthew McCounaughey plays Benjamin Barry, an advertising executive, who places a bet claiming that he can get a woman to fall in love within 10 days to win a massive campaign for his company. The two cross paths, and you’ll have to watch the fun to find out what happens.

2. The Holiday

The best way to get rid of your stress is to swap your home with a complete stranger in another country. It’s totally normal. This movie stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black, and it’s a perfect movie to watch if you’re looking for something to "aw" at. Two women swap homes with each other in order to get away from their stagnant lives and manage to find men who could be the potential loves of their lives.

3. Big Hero 6

DISNEY! If you haven’t already watched this, you totally have to. It’s about an intelligent kid, Hiro, who forms a close bond with a robot named Baymax and creates a tech savvy hero squad. Big Hero 6 is going to make you wish you had your personal Baymax because he is adorable, and by the end of this movie you’re going to want to reach into the screen and give him a huge cuddle. It's all about family and friendship, and sometimes you need that for a movie night when you're surrounded by your friends. 

4. Safe Haven

If I had to choose a Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie as my favorite, this would be it. Josh Duhamel, who plays the role of a kind shop owner in a small town, tries to break down the walls of a mysterious woman, played by Julianne Hough, who is running away from a dark secret. 

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

I love this movie because of how feisty our lead actress is. Julia Stilesnportrays a stubborn and blunt girl named Kat, and her sister Bianca, played by Larisa Oleynik, is the total opposite of her sister, popular and social. When Bianca gets asked out on a date by the school's most popular guy, her dad refuses unless Kat goes on a date herself. Throw in Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger's characters, a love triangle forms, and things turn out to get a little messy with romance blooming somewhere unexpected.

6. Monster-in-Law

I’ve always thought this movie was underrated. It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. In movies, we see a lot of girls who are held back in the dating world because of their overprotective fathers, but in this movie Jane Fonda plays the role of the overprotective mama bear. After she finds out that her one and only son has found the woman of his dreams, played by Jennifer Lopez, she tries to get rid of her future daughter-in-law out of the picture. One after the other, they try to out-do each other within the days leading up to the wedding. Who will win?

7. Bride Wars

Another great Kate Hudson movie with Anne Hathaway about two best friends who grow up together with the dream of having the perfect wedding day. However, they become rivals when their wedding days are mistakenly scheduled to be on the same day. With none of them backing out, they both try to sabotage each other until one of them succeeds. The question is, how far will they go? 

8. Beauty and the Beast

In honour of the new version of the Disney movie, the original animated version had to be on the list. Plus, it's a total classic. What’s better than watching the old version before hitting the movie theater? Beauty and the Beast is about an arrogant prince who is cursed to be a beast for the rest of his live after his cruel behavior, unless he learns how to love and be loved again. Belle, who is known as the "village weirdo," crosses paths with the beast, and an unexpected connection blooms between them.

9. You Again

You Again is about a woman coming face-to-face with her childhood bully, the person who made her life a living hell. Kristen Bell’s character goes through a rough high school life because of the bullying, and years later, after getting over the experience, she discovers that her brother is marrying her bully. She sets out on a mission to expose her enemy’s true colors to her brother, but it turns out his fiancé isn’t planning on backing down either. It's a great choice for a night in because it's got hilarious scenes with both trying to outdo each other. There's nothing better then watching a prank showdown.

10. High School Musical

You can’t not watch this during a girls’ night. In fact, you need to go through a High School Musical marathon, so you and your friends can belt out your favorite songs. This movie is about a high school romance and is full of catchy songs that you won’t be able to resist. Also it has Zac Efron. Enough said. 

So grab some popcorn, gather your friends and watch a movie or two. Or better yet, why not just watch all them?