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The Ultimate Iowa City Bucket List

Graduation is right around the corner, and I’m hearing a lot of seniors confessing that they are doing this “for the last time” as they are well on their way to big-girl jobs. I’m about to be a junior, and I am in denial that my college career is almost halfway over. In celebration (and fear) of this, I’ve decided to come up with a bucket list for myself and every University of Iowa student for things that we need to do before we graduate. Some of these things I’ve done, some I haven’t and some ideas were thought of by fellow students.

1. Watch the sunset on the Pentacrest steps

2. Go out to the bars on a weekday

3. Ride on the back of a moped

4. Airliner $1 slices on Sundays

5. Participate in a bar crawl

6. Halloweekend

(yes, I went as a Sephora bag)

7. Close down a bar (or two)

8. Revival’s Annual Sale

9. Taste of Iowa City

10. Apple pie shots at The Vine

11. Get a treat at Molly’s Cupcakes

12. Neighborhood Block Festival

13. Participate in a bar exam

14. Get a picture with Herky or a Herky statue on campus

15. Tequila time at Saloon

16. Chill in a hammock

17. Stay in Iowa City for a summer

18. Join the Mug Club at Brother’s

19. Go to a concert at Blue Moose

20. Hit up the Farmer’s Market 

21. Mosley’s Barbeque and beer garden


22. Arts and Jazz fests in the summer

23. Marco’s grilled cheese

24. Mac and Cheese pizza from Mesa

25. Steal plates/cups/etc. from your favorite dining hall/restaurant

26. Homecoming concerts

27. Big Grove Brewery

28. Iowa City Reservoir

29. Tailgate for football games

30. $5 movies at Sycamore mall Tuesday and Thursdays

31. Karaoke at Bo James

32. Sushi at Formosa

33. Joe’s Place’s rooftop

34. Cactus margaritas

35. Shop local- spend a day walking around the Ped Mall and shopping at the boutiques

36. Get your picture taken at Summit

37. Attend a night game

38. Participate in FAC

39. Pie shakes at Hamburg Inn

40. 21 pitchers at SpoCo

41. Touch the “brain rock” before an exam

Whether you are an incoming freshman or are facing your last year here as a Hawkeye, try and check some of these items off your list. I’ve learned in my two short years here that getting out of your comfort zone has been one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done – and while it scared me, I am so glad I did it. Try something new, Hawkeyes. HCXO! 

[Credits for Photos: 1, 6, 11, 14, 16, 21, 29, 37: Liz Warner 9: Annie Topp 24: Becca Kendeigh 27: Anna Long 32: Alana Steele 41:Amy Isebrand 4, 35: Olivia Tietz]

Liz is President of Her Campus at Iowa, and has been in HC Iowa since her freshman year. Her favorite part about Her Campus is Her Conference in NYC each summer — she loves getting to meet other Girl Bosses! She is a junior at the University of Iowa pursuing a Communication Studies degree and is double-minoring in Business Administration and Psychology. Liz wants to be a Social Media Manager for a beauty or lifestyle brand in the future, and would love to move to a big city when she's done with college. In her free time, Liz shops (maybe a little too much), crafts, and watches beauty guru videos on Youtube. Instagram: @lizwarnerr
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