The Types of Guys You Meet in College: The Good, The Bad, The Chads

While walking around campus, there is an abundance of boys to look at, and each has their own staple that lands them in the categories below. Whether they're Chad from Sigma Apple Chai or Josh the athlete, they all can be put into stereotypical groups. 

The Chads: We all know those boys that we see on campus with their frat letters plastered on every article of clothing and their Patagonia hats turned backwards. Every campus has them, the typical frat boys majoring in business with the hopes of taking over their father's company someday. The Chad's are the type to meet you one night, promise to call the next day, and then pretend they don't know you on your next encounter. They make for great homies, not so great boyfriends. 

The Surfer Type: Right off the plane from LA, these guys are not afraid to wear their board shorts even in the winter. They talk about how they spent their days shredding waves and hitting up all the huge parties at their boujee friend's houses. You can spot this type from their ample use of "Bro" or "Bruh" and their "naturally" tan skin. Think of Zac Efron in Bay Watch - it's that type. 

The Country Boys: Going to college in Iowa, there is a plethora of this type. These are the guys that came from a small town, with most of their population being farm animals. They still post pictures of the deer they shot 6 years ago because it is their biggest accomplishment. The only radio station they know is Outlaw Country and don't try and make them listen to anything other than Johnny Cash. They still wear cowboy boots and hats to class, and will probably want to move to Texas someday.

The Athletes: Every article of clothing that they can be seen wearing must have the words of the sport they play on them. They pull out their Feeder cards to pay on dates because it's a perk of being an athlete. You probably won't find these guys out at the bar, but have seen them on Tinder countless times. Despite the number of times you hang out with them, they probably will never be ready for a real relationship because they can only focus on one thing - sports. 

The Emotional Drunk: These are the guys who think that talking about their emotions is too "girly," until they take one sip of Busch Light. You might run into them at the bar as they try to confess their love for you - two seconds after meeting them - while their friends try to pull them away. On the other side, this may also be the type that thinks they're a professional fighter to any guy that accidentally bumps into them. If you're dating one, this may be the only time you actually get to hear how they really feel about you, because again, emotions are only for women. 

The Professional Lifter: You'll find these men in the gym 24/7, taking their mirror pics to prove that they were there. Chances are they spend all of their time at the Rec, but still skip leg day. These are also the type who think they are too tough to wear a winter coat when its -5 degrees out. They probably post pictures of the type of pre-workout they use, as if they were sponsored. And lets not forget about how LOUD they are when they actually are lifitng - we get it, you're lifting, we can hear you from a mile away. 

The Politician: These men are active on every social media platform, petitioning for either political party. They wont hesitate to inform you on who you should vote for in the upcoming election. You may try and talk to them about every day topics, but somehow you still end up hearing about student government and how you can do your part. These men can either be seen wearing suits or M.A.G.A hats all over campus. 

The Soundcloud Rappers: Last, but certainly not least, are the soundcloud rappers. They may not have a hit on the radio yet, but take their word for it - they're going to get their big break soon. You may see one trying to grab the mic and bust out their new "hit" at karaoke night. If they have a tweet with anything more than 20 likes, they can't resist the urge to post their soundclound link below. Don't cross them or you'll end up as the title of their next single. 

Next time you're walking to class, look around and see how many people really fit into these types - everyone has their little quirks that reveal what group they belong to.


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