Top 5 Restaurants In Iowa City To Cure Your Hangover

Going out on the weekends is not only a commitment for the night, but for the morning after too. We all know that taking part in a booze filled evening of drinking cheap liquor pitchers and taking shots of Vegas bombs will ultimately lead to the Sunday scaries the next morning. What better way to cure those dreadful scaries than some good ol’ greasy food? Hit up any of these 5 places in downtown Iowa City for the best hangover food.


There’s no such thing as a walk of shame back to Airliner after closing it down the night before. It’s arguably the best bar for hangover food because they hook it up fat with $1 pizza slices on Sundays. If pizza isn’t your forte, they have other classic bar food options like loaded cheese fries (my fave) and boneless wings that will sure hit the spot.


Depending on the severity of your hangover, this bagel shop might be your safest bet. You can't go wrong with one of their breakfast bagel sandwiches with sausage or bacon or just ordering an average plain bagel and cream cheese. Carbs= cure.


Mexican food while hungover is always a wild card, but if you think you and your body are up for the challenge, then Estella’s is the move to make. Choose from any of their breakfast burritos to classic burritos, and don't forget chips and guac.

Micky’s Irish Pub

I firmly believe that chicken tenders are the poster child of all hangover food. If you agree, then head over to Mickey’s for the best tenders in town and make sure to get fries on the side for some extra crispy greasy goodness. If tender's aren't your thing, a personal favorite to get there (especially while hungover) is the Micky's Famous Conglomeration, a hot ham and turkey with melted cheddar and swiss cheese sandwich.

Pullman Bar & Diner

Sometimes to stop the shakes, you gotta keep drinking… which means mimosa time, my friends. If you’re going to go out with a bang for the weekend, you might as well end up in a booth at Pullman for some mimosas and delicious brunch food. Their Saturday and Sunday brunch menu offers everything from buttermilk pancakes, smoothie bowels and avocado toast. I suggest trying their yummy cinnamon rolls too!

Remember, to drink responsibly (and that hangovers are temporary, drunk memories last a life time).

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