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Taylor Mckee- The Multifaceted Fashionista

Some people take their interest and make them come alive. This week’s campus celebrity really uses her interest as point of inspiration. You probably know her as the Her Campus fashionista, but this girl has a lot more to offer than just her keen fashion sense. Between fashion writing for Her Campus, promoting events for The University of Iowa Campus Activity Board (CAB), and gaining awesome internship experiences, this fashionista still has time to dedicate to philanthropy. How does she do it all?

Taylor Mckee loves to talk about the hottest looks on the runway and the newest beauty products as you know from reading her articles on Her Campus- UIowa, but what you probably did not know was that she is also committed to philanthropic mission that is dear to her. She is a morale captain for the Dance Marathon.


Dance Marathon is a student organization dedicated to providing support for children cancer survivors and their families throughout the year. As a morale captain, Taylor Mckee is responsible for getting her team of dancers excited about their mission to help cancer survivors as well as support the team as they work to reach their fundraising goals.

When asked why she loves to be a morale captain she said “I love the unity it creates in order to collectively help find a cure for cancer, while also trying to make a supportive community for the kiddos and their families.”

Aside for being a dedicated to philanthropy Taylor has got some awesome intern experience. Her most reason experience was working at American Rebel, a public relations firm who current clients include JVC, Bearpaw, and many other brands. Taylor wants to gain a position in the marketing field one day.

We could not help but wonder how this philanthropic, marketing fasionista extraordinaire balances it all.
She shared with us “I start each day with writing out a to-do list so I can track all my activities, social life, and studying.”

With a busy life like this campus celeb we knew it had to be something that drives her. She told us “a combination of all my goals I have set for my future, my ambition to carve out my place in the world.” She also jokingly shared something that every college student knows “when all else fails a lot of caffeine is a good way to keep me moving.”

Taylor is someone who uses her interest as a catapult to her dreams, but is also committed to the well-being of the community. Her organization and personal drive truly earns her the title of Campus Celebrity.

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