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Spring Trends Worth Trying

With spring finally upon us, it’s time to ditch those winter pieces for something lighter, brighter, and flowing. Here are some of the best spring looks blooming on the runway! Each of these can be used in several ways, either go big and make a bold statement, or play it down with an accessory.

Punchy Brights

It’s time to rid your closet of all those grays and blacks. Put a pop of color in your closet with some punchy brights. Pieces like these are girly, but bold enough to make the statement that, much like spring, you have arrived and you will not go unnoticed.

Black & White

Hold on a second – don’t throw those black items out just yet! Not all spring trends include poppy brights. Black and whites aren’t just a winter staple anymore. This duo has been seen all over this year’s spring runway from all kinds of designers, like Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs. This trend is versatile, and works anytime for any occasion.


Florals were a hit last spring and will continue to be this season. There’s so many ways to rock this trend; you can’t go wrong with floral printed jeans, blouses, or just by adding a touch of floral with a scarf. This is perfect for the girly fashionista who likes to add a bit of feminine to their style.

Short Suits

Another trend that rocked the runway this year was short suits. A lighter alternative to business casual that still looks chic and chances are your favorite celebrity is already rocking this look. That’s right! You can see this spotted on from the number one diva herself, Beyonce, to Les Mis star Amanda Seyfield. This look works for every style out there.

Cut-Out Dresses

Peek-a-boo! These dresses show a touch of skin plus a touch of sexy. If you’re looking to step it up a bit, this trend is bound to turn heads for those nights out. This trend can be achieved several different ways from the modest girl to those who are daring to show a little bit more. Add a touch of lace to the cut-outs for an even more dramatic look. 

*All pictures from Pinterest

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