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Spring Break: Splurge or Save

Spring break is quickly approaching, which means it’s almost time to start packing and get ready for your soon-to-be-epic trip. As college students, it’s hard not to worry about budgets when getting ready for a trip, but you can go all out for spring break without having to spend a lot on every item on your packing list. Don’t know what to save on and what to splurge on? No worries, ladies. Here’s a guide to base your decisions off of.

Save- Tanning

Don’t bother to buy tanning minutes when there are less harmful and less costly options to give your skin the glow you’re looking for. Try a spray tan or a self-tanner from your local drugstore, and you’ll be a bronze beauty in no time! Plus, your wallet will surely thank you.

Splurge- Swimwear

Since you will probably be spending most of your days on the beach, you might as well buy a couple new suits that you feel amazing in! You’ll probably need at least three swimsuits if you are going somewhere warm, so don’t forget to pack the ones you already own, too.

Save- Sunglasses

There’s no doubt that you’ll need one or two pairs of cute shades for your trip, but sunglasses are easy to break or lose! Bring some from last summer or find some cute, cheap glasses that you won’t be heartbroken over losing while you’re having fun in the sun!

Splurge- Sunscreen

If there’s one thing you remember not to leave off your list, it’s sunscreen. Make sure to buy lots of it if you don’t want to look like a lobster in all your spring break pictures! You’ll still get some sun even if you are protecting your skin.

Save- Makeup

Stocking up on expensive makeup probably won’t be necessary. That’s the upside to beaches; you only need a small amount of makeup if any at all! Just bring your regular makeup for going out at night, and you’ll be fine! P.S. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara.

Splurge- Outfits

After a long, cold winter, the luxury of being able to wear cute, summer clothes for a week will be greatly appreciated. Buying a new dress or two won’t hurt your bank account too much, and you’ll be able to wear any new clothes you buy for your trip again once summer roles around!

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