So You Want To Change Your Major . . . AGAIN

Based on the title of this article, I'm going to guess that you are here because you've recently decided to uproot your life's path. Or—like me—you are currently taking a semester full of classes that no longer relate to your career pursuit. Now that we're acquainted, let's just all take a deep breath. Spring semester will be here soon enough, and then we can dive into the new life we have chosen for this week. Until that time, let me give you some advice on navigating the daunting task of figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your existence.


1. RELAX . . . you are not alone.



Changing your major once, twice or even too many times to count is completely normal and beyond relatable.


2. Use your resources.



Do some research on your school's website to see what each major has to offer and look at specific classes because—unfortunately—psychology does not consist of personality tests and horoscope readings, nor is political science like Scandal. Plus, academic advisors make a living out of helping students like us . . . so make them earn it.


3. Learn to follow your gut.



Don't "stick it out" just because you feel like you have to or someones says you should. Only you know what's best.


4. Try to choose something that you are passionate about and are excited to learn.



5. But, know that it's inevitable to think about the job market and that's perfectly fine.



6. Also, hold back on the "resume building" extracurriculars until you get a better feel for the major.



. . . or you're going to be stuck in a less-than-ideal situation if you choose a different route.


7. And take comfort in the fact that you are seriously thinking about your future, for some may be putting their concentration elsewhere . . . 



8. Finally, do not be afraid to change it . . . AGAIN.



It's your life after all. Just own who you are, follow your interests and everything will turn out like it should. I promise.


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