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Rediscovering My Passion For Makeup

Makeup has been one of my biggest passions since middle school. I first fell in love with makeup in seventh grade after watching a Michelle Phan makeup tutorial my older sister showed me. Since then, I have loved trying out new makeup products and wearing makeup almost everyday. When I got to college, I still enjoyed the process of putting on makeup but…I got a lot lazier. On a typical day, I usually use five makeup products: concealer, setting powder, blush, mascara and eyebrow gel. It’s enough makeup to make me feel pulled together, and it takes very little time.

However, I don’t scour the internet or stores for new makeup products the way I used to. Nor do I try out fun eyeshadow looks every so often. And I kind of miss that. When we get to college, we adjust to an entirely new environment, devote more time to studying and learn to be more independent. However, along this crazy and awesome path, it is easy to lose parts of ourselves that used to play major roles in our lives. Perhaps it’s a sport, singing or reading books for you. Or maybe it’s drawing, painting or makeup like me. If you feel like you’ve lost your way with a certain passion, here are a couple tips to get back into it that I hope to follow myself as well. 

1. Find the original source of your passion

For me with makeup, this would be taking a little adventure onto YouTube. I used to love watching YouTube videos to get product recommendations and look ideas. By going back to watch some of my favorites, I can be re-inspired and reminded of why I loved makeup in the first place.

2. Treat yourself

I always think buying something new can be a great way to get motivated. For example, getting a new pair of athletic leggings for working out or a new lipstick for makeup. While it seems like a small action to simply buy something, it will genuinely make you excited to give your passion a go. Plus, you will feel like you have to give it a go after shelling out a little cash. Tell yourself you deserve something new because you do!

3. Talk about it

If you feel you have lost touch with something you love, don’t be afraid to share it with others. Maybe they have the same passion as you, or they are a close friend that can give you that extra boost. Friends and family are meant to support you, so allow them to encourage you along the way. Plus, if you really want to get back into something, having somebody else know about your goals will help to keep you in check and stick with it. 

4. Don’t make unrealistic expectations

While I would love to get back into doing fancy makeup looks frequently, this may not be possible due to time and priorities. Don’t set such high expectations that you automatically feel discouraged. Also remember that it’s okay if you aren’t as passionate about something, even after giving it a second chance. Think of it as a learning experience and an opportunity to try something totally new. 

Finding a passion is much easier said than done, but hopefully these tips can get you ready to find an old passion. Don’t be afriad to take a chance and get back into something. Good luck! 

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