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Ragstock: UI’s One Stop Halloween Shop

Every Hawkeye knows that Ragstock, the alternative clothing store located in downtown Iowa City, is Iowa’s hot spot for finding the perfect Halloween costume and accessories.  During the week of Halloween, the store is bustling with college students shopping for last-minute costumes.  But the fun doesn’t stop once the Holiday is over.  Halloween celebrations that occur before and after October 31st require unique costumes for maximum party appeal.  For this express purpose, Ragstock has got you covered.

Connor Ferguson, a junior at the University of Iowa and an employee of Ragstock, spoke to me about Iowa’s costume trends in particular.  He said that many of the fraternities and sororities have specific themes to employ for various parties, and that those individuals frequent Ragstock for the variety of their products.

“It really depends on what week it is and what parties are going on,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson said that there have been a lot of requests for “sexy grandma” costumes, as well as costumes for military men and police officers.

In terms of accessories, two products that have been flying off the shelves are capes and sunglasses.

“Sunglasses can do anything and everything,” said Ferguson.

Despite the fact that Halloween is officially over for the year of 2014, the parties will linger on into the next couple of weeks and months as “Ugly Sweater” parties pick up during the Christmas season. Ragstock will be there with countless costume options to relinquish your desire to be a “sexy cat” for the third time this week.  So, stop by the store and pick up a rad costume.  You deserve it after those grueling midterms!

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