Pumpin Spice and Everything Pitaya

Fall has officially sprawled into action with the colorful leaves and the beautiful autumn weather which makes for a great excuse to head downtown to stock up on the latest fall fashion! Pitaya is known for their adorable style that can be suited for any occasion. So of course, I had to stop in to do a little try on haul for fall! One thing I love about Pitaya is when you walk in the clothing is sorted out by color, which is nice when you're wanting to look for fall colors such as yellow, orange, different shades of red like burgundy, maroon, ember, rose pink, and shades of green like olive and emerald. Pitaya also has a wide range of animal print which inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and see how they would look on. 

Denim Pants with Cheetah Balloon Sleeve Top

Diving right into the leopard print, I was nervous about how the shirt would look on, but in fact I absolutely loved this shirt. The way the shirt flares on the wrist definitely goes along with the trend of balloon sleeves that are in right now. Second, the high-waste tie denim shorts were so fun to try on. What I love about these shorts is that they complement your waist and give you a nice figure. The denim was thick, and the color of the denim is perfect to wear with any top. That’s what nice about the shorts. You can mix and match shirts with them to make multiple outfits just out of one pair! You can accessorize any of the outfits with high or low boots, a scarf, hats, or jewelry. 


Bottom: High waist Tie Denim Short

Top: Leopard Print Balloon Sleeve 

Plaid Romper

This romper was a little out of my comfort zone to say the least. The material was thin and the straps were a little loose, but the outfit as a whole screamed fall. This outfit can be worn for any attire in my opinion. A casual Sunday brunch, a Saturday spent with friends or family, to work, going out, or it could also be worn just in the comfort of your own home. Like I said, the material is thin, but it is very soft and comfortable to wear. I just wore a turtle neck sweater undeath of it, but you can always choose to wear another color such as a caramel or even black would be cute. Something I thought would go well with this outfit would be a cute hat! I linked the romper and a turtle neck sweater similar to the one I wore. 



Top: https://pitaya.com/products/turtle-neck-ribbed-top-black

Denim Flare Pants with Brown Jacket

I first just want to start off by saying, these pants, changed my life. But seriously! LOOK how adorable these are! Before putting them on, I would have never thought I would like how they would look on me, but seriously these pants bring my confidence to a whole other level. The fit and flare jeans are in style, but in my opinion, they are so hard to find in stores! Pitaya not only has them, but I honestly found the price of the jeans to be a lot cheaper than what I expected, which was also a deal breaker for me. Anyways, these waist flare denim pants are a fall must have! They not only scream stylish, but they are just perfect for fall weather. The denim material is nice and thick enough that they will keep you warm in the crazy fall climate. On top of the shorts, this snap front jacket is the SOFTEST material I have ever worn. The jacket is also in different fall tone colors as well. With the teddy jackets never going out of style, this whole outfit is honestly screaming fashion icon. If you couldn’t tell, I felt so confident and comfortable in this outfit which is what I loved most. Both can be made into several different outfits. I ended up walking out of Pitaya with a new pair of jeans and higher confidence. The pants are linked, and I linked a jacket similar to this one from their website. 



Jacket: https://pitaya.com/collections/sweaters-1/products/furry-zip-front-crop-hoodie-olive

Denim Flare Pants with Pink Cardigan

Here I tried on another top to show an example of how these pants can go with just about any shirt! Again, we have the flare denim jeans, but for the top I am wearing a tie from cardigan. I really loved the texture of this shirt. It was stretchy enough to be worn over shirts without feeling suffocated from having multiple shirts on. I found this shirt different from the typical cardigan and I thought that with the jeans it went well. The shirt comes in different colors and I linked it below the pictures. 

 Cardigan: https://pitaya.com/collections/sweaters-1/products/tie-front-crop-cardigan-sage

Denim Skirt with Pink Cardigan  

Again, I used the same cardigan as in the last photo but matched it with a button front A-line skirt. What is so nice about both of these pieces of clothing is that they can be worn with multiple outfits. A denim skirt is a must have in fall, so this A-line skirt has nice material and is so comfortable! My favorite part about the skirt was that when I would sit down in it, the skirt would not rise up and become uncomfortable. To accessorize a small necklace would be cute and some fall booties would complete this whole look. Pitaya offers different colors of jean skirts as well, so if you already have a denim skirt and wer looking for any other color, Pitaya has an abundant amount of colors to choose from that all pair with the fall season. This jean skirt is not on the website, but I linked the bottom page in general in case you were interested in looking for other skirt styles! 


 Skirt: https://pitaya.com/collections/bottoms

Black Flare Pants with Green Jacket 

These pants had the same fit and flare just like the denim jeans! I loved the zipper on these pants because I thought they added a little accessory to the pants. The pants were hard to capture in picture, but the material was felt which made them super comfortable and easy to walk around in. These pants can be worn for either a formal event or just walking to class. What really stuck out to me the most was how they were high waisted so the options for a top are really endless! You can wear a crop top, a jacket like I am, or just a sweater. I loved the teddy jackets so much I tried these pants on with the olive-green jacket. To accessorize I found glasses that go with this outfit really well. I was wearing glasses and I thought they added just a nice touch to the outfit. A hat can be worn as well as a scarf if you choose to wear just a shirt. These pants scream fall but can also be worn in any season if you really wanted too! Pants similar to the ones in the picture are linked below. 



Snakeskin Mini Skirt with Black Longsleeve

Here the animal print is back in action. Not going to lie, at first before I tried this skirt on, I thought it would be way to short, but after trying it on the skirt fit perfectly and I ended up actually really liking how it looked! This snakeskin mini skirt is perfect for when you and your friends are going downtown, and you are wanting to spice up your outfit. Not only will this skirt turn heads, but the skirt will also be in fall style. The natural colors of the print make it easy to wear basically any plain top with it. I chose to match the skirt with just a plain black long sleeve shirt. The model on their website is wearing a one sleeved shirt, which can also be cute if you are wearing this for downtown. Booties would look great for shoes and I can defiantly see hoops being worn for earrings. Overall, this skirt screamed good time. 


Skirt: https://pitaya.com/collections/bottoms/products/snakeskin-envelope-hem-mini-skort-mocha-black

Yellow Skirts with Black Longsleeve

Of course, I had to end my last try on piece with a yellow felt skirt. This skirt SCREAMS fall and pumpkin patches and apple pie all in one. I kept my black long sleeve shirt on with this skirt, but you can wear any neutral color top in my opinion. Also, a scarf or hat would look adorable for accessories. The material of the skirt was so soft. I felt so confident and comfortable walking around in it. This skirt also comes in other colors in store! I could not find this skirt on the website because it is brand new, so stop Pitaya to get your hands on one! 


Jewelry, Hats, Scarfs, Shoes, and Belts 

Pitaya also sells jewery, belts, shoes, scarfs, glasses, purses, and hats! I love that when I am trying on an outfit I can pair it with an accessory in the store to help me put together a complete outfit. The shoes are so cute and they have some animal print shoes that are not like the typical shoes you find in any other store. Before coming to Iowa City, I had never heard of Pitaya, but after walking in the store for the first time I fell in love with all the different style options they have. Pitaya offers so many assortments of clothing from dresses to overalls. They have a piece of clothing for any personality type! So the next time you find yourself needing to go shopping for the fall, stop in to Pitaya and try on some of these clothes from the haul! I promise you will not regret it. 


All photos by author