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Place Profile: 5 Places to be This Summer

Summer is approaching and for most college students it is a time for internships a far from campus, packing up all the summer clothing and heading home, or studying abroad. For some it is a time to work 40 hours a week at a campus job. As a summer native in Iowa City, I will provide the top five things you can do while still enjoying the sun.

  1. Farmers Market

Check out the Farmers Market during the summertime in Iowa City. It is filled with various organic vegetables and fruits that local farmers grow. For the fellow readers who have their nagging sweet tooth there is also an assortment of homemade sweets including cookies, pastries, and my favorite the homemade pies. Opening day is May 4 and it runs until October 29th every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. The great thing about the Farmers Market in Iowa City, which is located at the Blue Ramp on Gilbert and Washington Street, is that it is not just a place for selling food but also a place for a social gathering. I suggest getting there early so you can grab the homemade jam that a local vendor sells; it’s to die for and goes fast!

  1. Beer Garden at Martinis

With summer comes warm weather and warm weather means a great excuse to go drink outside. Martinis is your place with their featured beer garden located in the back. With the assorted menu of cocktails, margaritas, martinis, wines, and beers it’s the best spot in town on the weekends. Make sure to get their early, happy hour starts at five and having a nice cold one after a long day at work is on a lot of people’s minds.

  1. Downtown on Friday’s for Music in the Ped Mall

One thing that a new comer to the summer scene in Iowa City must understand is that it is not about college students so much as it is about the families and the community. You will slowly start to see the parents bring their young children down to the Ped Mall to play on the park equipment as the summer rolls on. One cool thing about Iowa City is the bands that play in the ped mall every Friday night. They usually start around six and it goes until eight. The pad mall gets packed and as a college student you finally get to see the community coming together to enjoy what Iowa City has to offer. Just a side note: this is a family scene so don’t come downtown obnoxiously drunk. Wait until after ten when the kids are asleep to do that!

  1. Tanning or Doing Homework at College Green Park

Looking for a place to tan or just get away from it all while still being outside? College Green Park, located on College Street, is where it’s at. The park gets packed on the weekends with various people tanning, playing Frisbee, or just relaxing with their summer homework in hand. A great place to get together with friends you haven’t seen in a long time!  

  1. Lake MacBride/ The Reservoir

Finally, the hot spot for all college students, Lake MacBride and the “Rez”. In these two locations you will often see girls lying out on the beach, while the guys play sand volleyball near by. Also a great place to grill, go boating, and to grab some rays. Lake MacBride also offers great biking/walking trails for the people who want a change in scenery while exercising.
There you have it folks, the five places you want to check out during the summer months while in Iowa City. Now get going! 

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