People of Iowa City: Meet Kayla and Sam

Kayla Tjebkes (Middle Photo, Left Side,  Me On Right Side) ​and Samantha Blain (Bottom Right Photo)

As a sophomore transfer student, I didn’t know how well I’d like living on a floor with mostly incoming freshman. I first met Kayla and Sam when getting to know the girls in my wing in my on-campus residence hall. My living on-campus experience has only been improved from knowing these friendly, smart and crazy girls. They started their freshman year living in separate rooms with different roommates. Recently, they moved out of their original rooms to move in together in an empty, bigger room on our floor. It all worked out so well. Even though their new room is a little farther down the hallway from mine now, I’m so happy that they still live on my floor and to call them my friends. Get to know them below in the Q&A sesh I had with them recently.

Quick Facts:

Samantha Blain

  • Freshman

  • Spanish, Pre-Med

  • Works at Hawk Shop in IMU

Kayla Tjebkes

  • Freshman

  • Biology, Pre-Pharmacy

  • Member of CHAARG and Dance Marathon

What have you experienced as freshman at UI that you did not expect so far this year?

“I did not expect that people would be so impersonal. If you don’t get to know people the first couple of weeks, no one will want to get to know you.” It’s like you have to make a good effort to try to make friends.” - Sam

“I did not expect the workload. I knew it was going to going to be hard, but it has been a lot harder than I expected. I feel as though I have to be doing something every day.” - Kayla

How happy are you both that you’re roommates now?

“I love it! Kayla is easy to get along with and is not a slob.” - Sam

“I’m very happy! We have a bigger room with an awesome TV, so it all worked out.” - Kayla

What’s something about Iowa City you love the most?

“I like that there’s always something to do. I really should be studying, but it’s all a good distraction." - Sam

“Everything! I love the people, food, and all our weekend activities.”- Kayla