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No Spring Break? Here’s Some Ideas To Take School Out Of The Main Focus For Awhile

As college students, we are already stressed out as it is. What isn’t helping is the fact that many of our spring breaks were taken away this spring semester. Because of this, life is going to be school, school, school 24/7 unless you figure out some ways to balance it out. Here are some ideas for you to do over your “not spring break, spring break”:


Utilize The Outdoors

We have been cramped in our homes since quarantine started last year, and Zoom class doesn’t help that situation either. Fortunately for us, it seems to get warmer each day, and going outside for even the littlest amount of time can help with so many things! Something as small as taking a walk around campus or reading outside can be beneficial. My favorite pastime outside is hiking. At least here at Iowa, I know there are plenty of places to go for a hike or long walk!

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Find Something New To Watch

School can seem repetitive, so try switching your day around by starting a new tv or movie series. If you have roommates you can get them involved and create a list of new things you’ve always wanted to watch! Have a set night for this activity and go all out with popcorn and pillows in the living room! 

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Spa Day

School is stressful, we all know this! Having no spring break means a perfect opportunity for self care. Buy some face masks and nail polish and have a you night! Relax and destress from the hectic weeks behind you. 

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Play Online Games With Friends

Since it is still COVID times, we still have to be safe about seeing people. Or maybe your friends live in another state. Playing games online are a perfect way to connect with your friends again. My friends and I play on backyard.co all the time, and we always have a blast. You can play pictionary, boggle, charades, etc.

Abby Gaugler

U Iowa '23

Abby is a sophomore at The University of Iowa studying English and Creative Writing on a Publishing Track. She loves to read and write, and hopes to do them professionally one day. Abby enjoys collect plants and listening to the Twilight Soundtracks on repeat.
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