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Need a Holiday Gift Idea? Check out Zoubaby Greek Rain Boots

       With the holidays quickly approaching, all of us are looking for unique gift ideas for both ourselves, as well as the ones we love. This year, instead of getting your best friend, sister or big/little the typical fleece blanket or picture frame, check out these fabulous Greek Sorority Rain Boots, personalized with embroidered Greek letters.
       Zoubaby, designers of unique, monogrammed rain boots, are now carrying the most chic wet weather boots yet! Each Greek letter is embroidered into the boot with thread that matches the color of each sorority. The boots are available in sizes 5-11 and are priced reasonably at just under $100!
 Even if you’re not in a sorority, Zoubaby makes monogrammed rain boots in 4 different fonts and 8 different threaded colors. The versatility of the boots is undeniable and with the Apocalypse of weather in Iowa City, rain boots are a must. Why not look cute at the same time?


        Whether you’re looking for a present for your big or little sister, or even yourself, Zoubaby rain boots offer the most personalized gift you can get. Check out the Zoubaby Website and “like” their Facebook Page to get updates on deals and new products!

Cute Display of Different Greek Boots

Single Greek Boot

Zoubaby Boots 


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